Four Tips For Dealing With Dry And Tired Eyes

August 10, 2017

Whether you have been suffering from a lack of sleep or have just been working hard recently making you feel more tired than usual, tired and dry eyes can cause a lot of discomfort through the day. If you are exhausted or have had to wake up after very little sleep, then your eyes might feel like they weigh a ton or like they are drying out. Along with that, dark circles under tired and strained eyes can be seriously damaging to your appearance. Thankfully, the good news is that there are several remedies for dry and tired eyes that you can try to get your sparkle back and have you looking and feeling more awake in no time at all. We have listed some of our top tips for dealing with tired eyes:

Tip #1 Use Cold Water

There is a lot to be said for cold water if you are looking for a quick, easy, and natural pick-me-up and a remedy for your heavy, tired eyes. Splashing cold water on your face will initially decrease the blood flow to your face, which in turn, triggers your nervous system to become more alert. Temporarily restricting the blood flow to your face using cold water is completely safe and will help to reduce inflammation around your eyes along with helping to improve eye moisture. For even more intense results, try submerging your face in some cold water for around thirty seconds.

Tip #2 Try Eye Gel

If you are suffering from dry eyes and dry, tight skin around your eyes and face, then a moisturizing eye gel could help, such as Environ eye gel from The Skin Gym. If you are concerned about dark circles, fine lines, or even wrinkles around your eyes as well, then this type of product could be the perfect option for you since it will also help to fight these blemishes along with reducing skin tightness and helping you feel more awake, alert, and comfortable.

Tip #3 Use Lubricating Eye Drops

One of the most uncomfortable symptoms of tired eyes is eye dryness; our eyes naturally need to be lubricated, but if you are too tired, your eyes may not be producing the tears that they need when you blink to stay lubricated and moisturized. If you are suffering from seriously dry eyes, then lubricating eye drops will help to hydrate your eyes with natural tear elements and soothe any discomfort or pain.

Tip #4 Wear Your Glasses

If you are somebody who wears glasses, but does not necessarily need them to be able to see properly, then you might find that you forget to put them on more often than you realize. However, even if you are not unable to see without your spectacles, your eyes could be under more strain than you realize, which could contribute to them feeling more tired and dried out after focusing on something for a long time. Along with always wearing your glasses as and when they are needed, it is a good idea to make sure that you take short and frequent breaks to look away and give your eyes a rest.

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