The Survival Guide For Your Las Vegas Vacation

December 20, 2018

Going on vacation is fun, but what is even more exciting is heading off to a destination such as the world famous capital of fun, Las Vegas. This is one place that is crazy around the clock and will certainly take a toll on your mind and body if you are not equipped to handle all the action that you are about to experience! 

The following survival guide will help you to prepare in advance and make sure you are ready to embark on this journey, so you do not have any regrets. Most importantly, be safe and responsible. After all, you want to return home feeling good about your trip and all that you did and saw while you were away.

Budget Ahead of Time

You will have a much better chance of surviving your Las Vegas vacation when you have plenty of disposable money to support your trip. It is a wise idea to budget ahead of time and make sure you have enough money to last you throughout your time away. Keep in mind that you will want to have cash on hand for food, drinks and any gambling you want to do.

Know how to Recover Quickly 

You will find you have a much better time in Las Vegas when you can quickly recover each day after staying up late and partying. Avoid letting a hangover stop you from continuing your vacation by eating as healthy as possible and staying hydrated. One idea is to use a solution such as Reset IV, so that you can get back the electrolytes and fluids your body needs to function more quickly.

Go with PeopleYou Trust

Las Vegas is a big playground with a lot going on, and it can be overwhelming for some. It is in your best interest to put safety first and go with people who you trust and know are dependable. The last situation you want is to lose your friends or be on a trip with people who cannot handle all the excitement that is going on.

Take Naps

You can also better survive your Las Vegas vacation by making sure you get plenty of sleep and rest in between activities. Do not be afraid to sneak off and take a nap in your room or fall asleep while sitting out by the pool. These shorts periods of rest will help you to have more energy, so that you can continue to go out night after night. 

Bring Plenty of Fun Outfits

Going to Las Vegas means you have the opportunity to dress a bit wilder than you might normally when you head out at home. You will be able to survive your vacation and fit in better when you bring plenty of fun outfits with you. It is a chance to dress up and be a bit more edgy than normal, so make the most of this reality and embrace it! 


This guide will help to ensure your Las Vegas vacation is a success and that you return home feeling good about all that occurred. Use this advice so you can just relax and have fun once you are on site. Keep in mind that you may need a few days to recover after your trip from a place as thrilling as Vegas! 

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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