Top Three Luxury Hotels In Las Vegas

September 1, 2021

There is a lot to stake in Las Vegas. But you definitely do not have to risk the odds when picking a luxury hotel. Las Vegas happens to be one of those few cities in the United States where you can stay in a well-to-do hotel without breaking the bank. In the city of Las Vegas, you can find a luxury hotel that costs around $200 a night. Some even go for as low as $80-$100. Though high seasons and weekends may cause an increment in prices, with careful research, you might just land a great hotel deal, so you could use those extra dollars to enjoy your favorite casino games like the famous Legacy of Dead slot.

The Four Seasons Hotel

Want a sense of intimacy and comfort within bustling Las Vegas. If yes, then the Four Seasons Hotel is where to go. The hotel is isolated from all the distractions and noise within its surroundings, even though it can be found on the Las Vegas Strip.

The hotel’s typical prices start at $225 and can peak at $4495. Four Seasons is best for business travelers and couples. The on-site amenities that you’ll find include a private pool for its guests only.

Pros: Great well-to-do accommodation with flawless service and private pool only meant for hotel guests.

Cons: The hotel is at the end of Las Vegas Strip. Meaning that you have to navigate The Mandalay Bay rowdy crowd to get to the hotel.

The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas, Autograph Collection

Cosmopolitan is one of the few remaining five-star opulent hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel is sophisticated, but also trendy and hip. Being inside the hotel basically feels like you are chilling out in a chandelier. The hotel is a great fit for couples or groups of friends. The on-site amenities that you can find in the hotel include:

  • Celebrity chef powered kitchen
  • Many lounges and bars
  • Dry bar salon
  • Pool deck

Here are some pros and cons of the Cosmopolitan:

Pros: The hotel has one of the best central locations on the Strip of Las Vegas. Moreover, its balcony is exceptional and views like that can’t easily be found elsewhere.

Cons: The hotel’s starting rates doubles at weekends and high seasons.

The Venetian Resort

Venetian Resort is a Las Vegas five-star resort, also situated on the Strip. It is one of the hotels built in Las Vegas Strip that can easily be recognized due to its gondola rides, indoor canals, all fashioned after its namesake city. The hotel’s typical starting prices begin at $113 and can reach $399.

Venetian Resort is best for business travelers, first-time visitors, families, and couples. The on-site amenities that you’ll find in Venetian include:

  • Nightclub
  • Casino
  • 80 restaurants
  • Fitness center
  • Spa
  • Several pools
  • Grand Canal Shoppes

Pros: Even the cheapest room in this resort is very impressive.

Cons: The hotel’s luxury style may not suit you if you prefer a modern look.


Las Vegas is recognized across the globe as the leading nightlife and party destination. Some people hate the city, while others love it. But the truth is the city makes a great impression irrespective of how anyone feels about it. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, make sure to check out at least one of these top three Luxury Hotels we have listed for you.

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