How to choose your Garage Door? – Garage Door Types

December 28, 2018

We have already seen when you were given advice for the front door, choosing your garage door also requires thought. Yes, this outdoor equipment plays a role of border with your interior. That is why it is important to take into account several criteria to choose the right garage door: safety, insulation, aesthetics, practicality, etc. DIY-Garage-Door-Parts help people to find the best garage door part and repairing services in all over the USA.

Which type of Garage Door to choose?

  • The materials

Wood: Not very common for garage doors openers, this material requires regular maintenance.

Aluminum: This material is mainly used for roller doors. It offers rigidity, lightness and maneuverability.

Steel: The most common material for sectional and overhead garage doors. This type of door is composed of insulated panels and two treated steel strips. Resists both bad weather and shocks

PVC: Less common because less resistant to shocks, PVC is light, economical and very manageable.

Depending on the chosen material, your garage door will be more or less efficient in terms of insulation. Prefer a sectional overhead garage door or a swing door with panels of 40 mm thickness for better thermal insulation.

The type of Garage Door Opening

You have the material; let’s now see the different opening options for your garage door:

Ceiling sectional door: the best thermal performance

With its vertical opening, the sectional ceiling door, composed of several articulated panels, allows you to enjoy maximum space inside and outside your garage. Without overflow and a minimum space requirement under the ceiling, the sectional door is fixed to the ceiling and slides on vertical and horizontal rails. With the sectional door, your garage finds all its features. Check Out about garage door experts.


  • Keep the entire width of your garage.
  • Perfect for large openings and narrow spaces. The panels of the door slide indeed in rails to come to stay horizontally on the ceiling.
  • High thermal performance, thanks to the 40 mm ultra insulating panel.
  • Compatible home connected.


  • The sectional opening imposes to release the ceiling.
  • Without a door (optional), access to the garage requires a total opening to avoid having to bend down.

Side sectional door: space saving on the ceiling and practical for a pedestrian opening.

This sectional panel door opens and stores along the inside wall of your garage. As a result, you can use the full height of your garage which remains completely unobstructed. In addition, this door offers pedestrian access much cheaper than the traditional gate.


  • Small footprint: takes only 100mm along the wall
  • Motorized door with integrated pedestrian opening.
  • Pedestrian crossing without total opening
  • Compatible with large openings
  • Compatible home compatible


  • The lateral opening imposes to release the part of wall where the door will push back.
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