The Perfect Guide to Buy the Perfect Diamond

December 28, 2018

Jewelry is a popular gift that people use for celebrating the momentous events in their life. It is that outward expression regarding what one means to another. Anniversaries, birthdays and holidays are a few of the events people celebrate with rare and unique gifts such as diamond jewelry. Here budget is a vital parameter and to buy the ideal gift consider these tips carefully.

  • Know the 4CS- When it comes to diamond, the 4Cs of quality is the language that jewelers use for describing a diamond’s attributes which helps in determining its overall quality. And quality is associated with price hence it is vital in learning about the 4Cs,
  1. Carat- This refers to the diamond’s weight. As a diamond’s carat weight increases so will its rarity and price. A diamond’s carat weight is the simplest measurement to determine the value. Two diamonds may have equal carat weight yet its value is likely to differ based on its cut, clarity, and color.
  2. Clarity- The truth is diamonds are made by nature under immense pressure and heat. Almost every diamond has unique internal characteristics known as inclusions as well as external characteristics known as blemishes. Most clarity characteristics are extremely tiny to be visible by anyone none other than a gemologist.
  3. Color- Diamonds that are truly colorless are highly valued and very rare. D means colorless, and Z means brown or light yellow. Distinctions in color can be subtle and visible only to the trained eyes, yet the difference can have a noteworthy impact on cost.
  4. Cut- Diamonds are available in various shapes, yet the term cut means how the angles and complex proportions of a diamond relate to light. There are a couple of factors that influence the cut grade of a diamond, and these include the design, craftsmanship and face-up appearance in its entirety.
  • Look for Diamond Grading Report that is Independent– Report related to diamond grading is an assessment of the quality of diamond which is unbiased. This offers a description concerning the 4Cs of the diamond and also confirms whether it is synthetic or natural. It will also throw light as to whether the diamond has undergone any treatment to alter its clarity or color. 
  • Keep the Purchase Secure- It is a laser inscription that will help in identifying the diamond should it gets stolen or lost. Most importantly get the diamond insured and appraised. The appraisal will offer a monetary value while the grading report will provide an independent quality assessment.
  • Buy the Diamond Loose- It is always wise to buy the diamond loose and later on decide on its mounting. Before getting it mounted ensure to have the stone graded.

The bottom line is, before heading towards a jewelry store to buy diamond ensure to consider the tips mentioned above sincerely and you cannot go wrong.

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