Must Read Student Accommodation Tips You Need To Know Before Choosing One

December 28, 2018

Chances are you have been planning the accommodation the moment you got done with selecting the university. If truth be told, it is quite an important aspect that will determine how much fun you have while pursuing a higher degree as well as your savings. To add to the trouble, you need to act fast because there are deadlines to the various available options.

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So how would you go about choosing the perfect student accommodation for you? Here are some pointers on how to get it right.

The planning

Yes, you are getting ready for university, and your head is exploding with a number of plans for the days ahead. Spare some time for careful planning and do not procrastinate! Do not leave it till late. If you miss out on the better options panic will set in. Planning is the best way to beat stress.

A good starting point is being aware of the deadlines for application for the student accommodations. Mark it up in your diary or smartphone. The dates might differ based on the courses or universities applied for, so make sure you check up the correct listing. Allow yourself at least a week to plan, decide and apply.

The budget

Okay here is the deal; there are plenty of options to choose from each with their benefits and drawbacks. And so are the costs for each! A university hall is economical but you have a large number of students and lots of mess whereas a rented flat even if shared makes for a better home environment, but they do not come cheap. To combine the best of both worlds you can go for privately owned halls as well. Do not go overboard on the budget as you will need to save too.

The amenities

Are you aware of what gets included in the total cost at your student accommodation? If not, you must make sure of it. University halls and many privately-owned student accommodation facilities provide for an all-inclusive rent package, so there are no hassles of utility bills and Wi-Fi connectivity. Avoid surprises by being aware that is university life rule 101!

The contract clauses

The student accommodation contract clauses vary from institution to institution. There will be differences in the length of the contract with respect to the duration of stay, allowance of visitors and general rules to maintain the civility and sanctity of the building. You must be aware of and abide by them.  

The location

One of the biggest questions you will probably ask is which is the best area to live in for students? The whereabouts of your new home can be everything, so give the location of the accommodation a good hard thought. Are you a late riser? Then on-campus university halls are for you. Staying closer to the university should be your goal to avoid missing out on classes and important events. If you enjoy seeing the city or local countryside, then off-campus accommodation could be better suited for you. 

The non-negotiable

Every individual is different and so are their choices. Think about what is your non-negotiable clause; is it the private space or a separate washroom? Maybe you need peace and quiet to study, or you know university hall life is perfect for you. Choose according to your requirements.

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure you find the perfect solution to your university accommodation riddle.  

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