Top Tips For Choosing The Right College Or University

April 5, 2022

Deciding which university or college to go to is a huge decision that significantly affects the direction your life takes. And with so many things to consider, it is essential to carefully weigh up all your options. Lucky for you these handy tips will help you choose the right college or university for your situation and needs.


Courses Offered

When thinking about attending university, you likely have a course of study in mind, which is will be the starting point for deciding where to apply. Research which universities offer the subject you would like to study. From here, break it down to what they provide within those fields. Many universities offer archaeology, but only some will focus on Asian archaeology or Early Scottish settlement. If you are not ready to specialize, consider courses that offer a broader subject range.

Admissions Requirements

Once you have found the establishments that offer the degrees that interest you most, look at the admission requirements for each course. It is easy to compare UK universities in one place to gain this information quickly. From here, you know what to aim for with exams and assessments to give yourself the best chance of being accepted to your chosen course. Alternatively, you may decide to apply to an access course at college if you do not have the requirements or have been out of education for some time. 


Tertiary education can be expensive, especially if you plan to live away from home, and will have associated living costs. For this reason, while researching different courses, it pays to look at the course costs and, if relevant, the average price of accommodation. Plenty of students work while studying, but to get the best out of your degree, not having to juggle long work hours makes a difference. Most people will be able to take out student loans if there is no other funding available but graduating with a lower level of debt is an attractive option for many.


Although, the main focus of deciding where to study should be what you are studying, don’t underestimate the importance of location. Being near home can save money on accommodation and travel costs. But getting away from home brings freedoms and a change of outlook on life. Location can also impact mental and physical health, so it is important to visit schools you’re considering to get a feel of the facilities and vibe of the area.

Listen To Yourself First

During the decision-making process, it is alright to ask others their opinion, but at the end of the day, it must be your choice. Following a boyfriend or girlfriend, or going where your parents want you to go, can stop you from being honest with yourself. As a result, you may not get the degree you wish to or have the best chance at a career.

Think about which university or college you would like to attend carefully. Find out about the schools that offer the best courses for your interests, and consider things like cost, location, and what you need to get in. Taking these things into account will ensure you get into the perfect school for you.

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