A Diamond Jewelry Buying Guide: What To Give Her This Holiday Season

January 8, 2020

It is the time of the year when you have to think of a meaningful gift to the closest and dearest person to your heart. The act of giving itself is precious, but expressing it through jewelry is something else. A bracelet, a necklace, or a ring says this woman is important to you.

And if there is any stone or jewel that quickly catches her eye, it has to be a diamond. These precious stones may not last forever, but they can survive lifetimes when taken care of properly. Diamonds are scintillating, sophisticated, and subtle if they need to be. 

You have this guide to make your life a bit easier as you go over your choices for diamond jewelry to give her this holiday season.

Diamond Bracelet

It is a diamond accessory that your girlfriend will have no trouble mixing and matching with her other arm candies and outfits. If you are not sure which bracelet to pick, choose a jewelry shop you can trust and have the experts help you in your decision The tennis bracelet is a classic example, featuring a row of diamonds in a simple design. You can find numerous variations of the piece: some pieces are set in white or yellow gold, others combine diamond cuts, and few feature three or four rows. 

In buying tennis bracelets, consider the safety clasp. Other diamond bracelet styles include bar, bangle, and cuff.

Diamond Necklace Or Pendant 

Make her feel like a royalty or Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Pictures speak a thousand words with diamond necklaces. Imagine what happens when rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other colorful precious stones merge with diamonds. The price is going to be dazzling too. 

As an alternative, you can pick a solitaire diamond pendant. The chain should be sturdy to hold the pendant, especially if it is going to be worn daily. What is essential is either option puts you close to the wearer’s heart. 

Diamond Earrings

Do you want her to wear them every day or on events when she’s all decked out? Single diamond studs are great for the usual day-to-day affairs. For pieces that are more of a statement and eye-catching during parties, look into diamond drop earrings or dangling ones from a bespoke jewellery seller like The Diamond Box

With so many designs ranging from the subtlest to the most ornate earrings, the ultimate pair should be based on your girlfriend’s style and preference. She may be the type who wears minimal jewelry.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Brooch  

Speaking of minimalism, a diamond brooch may be all that your girlfriend needs to spruce up her Christmas-party look. It is mostly royals and people of influence who wear pins or brooches. Still, it is an exquisite accessory to add glamour or sophistication to a dress with family gatherings and parties happening left and right.

Wearing brooches goes by a few rules that you need to run by her. For example, according to Tatler, it is considered bad luck or form when someone wears an even number of brooches. 

Diamond Hair Accessories  

Let’s pause for something fun. Though not made of real precious stones, shiny and shimmering barrettes, clips, and headbands are this year’s most popular accessories. She can wear them to the season’s celebrations, rocking the office party or chilling out with close friends. 

If there is any hair accessory that tops the list, it is the tiara. The headpiece is the legacy of the royals, but you can crown your lady love with one. Some brides wear tiaras to their wedding; it can be her turn soon.

Diamond Engagement Ring

It is the showstopper of the season, which is the most popular time to pop the question. Just when she thinks that you two are just having the usual Christmas Eve dinner, you have something like a surprise declaration of marriage hidden in your pocket.

You still have ample time to do some Christmas shopping for a diamond engagement ring with sales and discounts all over the place. It is especially worthwhile to check jewelry shops online and then compare their prices with those of brick-and-mortar shops. The price difference can be quite glaring with less time and effort spent on the Christmas rush. Visit this online jewelry store to shop for diamond engagement rings, whether it is a one-carat or a half-carat diamond ring.

It is the thought that counts, and make sure this thought counts when you finally decide what to give your partner or, shall we say, fiancée, during the holidays. Remember the three Ps of purchase: personality, purpose, and price. 

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