Creative Lego birthday parties for kids

January 14, 2019

Birthday parties are fun and great for kids. But, when it comes to planning one themed birthday party, it often gets confusing, and people become tensed. But is birthday planning so tough? No. One thing that is extremely popular among kids, as well as adults, is Lego. If you’re throwing a kid’s birthday party and cannot decide for a theme go for Lego bricks. And it is sure that you won’t be disappointed for every kid is going to enjoy it. Make sure to be a little creative to make the best of the Lego bricks.

Create a folding invitation

You are throwing a party, and it is your responsibility to prepare messages. And if it’s a Lego themed party, nothing can be higher than Lego invitations. If you are a starter, you don’t need to be worried about requests. You can choose to print design cards and prepare the folding applications. Most of these folding invitations come with dotted lines. Just follow the dotted lines and develop a folding application. Encourage your little one to help you in the process. Make them write the names of the invitees and involve them. This will help you develop the excellent motor skills of your child.

Put up a napkin holder

Ask your child to help you with the table decorations as well. This can include a napkin holder. The Lego blocks can play an essential role in helping you create the napkin holders. All you need to do is connect the Lego blocks and prepare a baseplate. Even this small decoration can play an important role in decorating your belongings. You can take inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. These sources can help you find the right ribbon for napkin holders with Lego blocks.

Duplo bowling

No party is complete without games, be it for kids or adults. You can choose to create your own cost-effective Duplo building blocks. You can want to build six towers with the different blocked and keep some ball or toy car by its side. This can play an essential role in increasing the fun of the game. Once you put this Lego themed party game spot, invite all your guests to play this game. Give the ball to your guests to break the Lego building. All you need to do is join the Lego blocks one on top of the other to make it more interesting. 

Kid Songs

Cupcake stands of Lego bricks

When you throw a Lego themed party, you will look out for the best foods. And nothing can be tastier and fascinating than cupcakes for kids. You can choose to build a cupcake stand with the Lego bricks for all your party foods. This will surely take your guests by surprise. Extend a Lego baseplate as a holder. Make sure to use the baseplate of different sizes and designs. These Lego blocks are very colorful, so you can choose to build different colorful layers. The greatest thing about it is that even your kids can help you make this cupcake stand.

Tower building competition

What can be more fun than games at a party? Tower building is one of the most loved contests with the Lego bricks. You can prepare a challenge for your guests and ask them to build a tower using Lego blocks. All one needs to do is stack the blocks one above another and play the game.


There are Lego public figures too. You can use these to decorate your party also. These Lego figures can prove to be an effective cardholder at the party table. Prepare the card cutouts with the name of the guests written on it. Place the cut out on the hands of the Lego figures.

Lego inspired animal marks

When you are throwing a Lego themed party makes sure to have some drinking straw and colored papers. But why do you need these? To prepare Lego masks. There are some Lego inspired covers which you can make. Moreover, indulging your kids into these activities can be equally fun. If you are running out of time, various websites offer printable too for your convenience.

Lego birthday parties Atlanta can be pretty exciting. You need to be very careful and prepare the decorations with proper detailing. A great party should be your key, and you can ask your kid to help you.

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