Five Ways To Repurpose Old Wristbands

September 11, 2019

Instead of throwing away your old silicone wristbands, there a lot of other ways to use them creatively. To help you get your creative ideas flowing, we have listed five simple ways you can repurpose old wristbands:

Use: Bookmarks

If you are someone who loves reading a book, then you have probably used lots of other things as a bookmark. But have you tried using your old wristband as one? Wristbands make excellent bookmarks. Ideally, woven wristbands work wonderfully well for this purpose. You can easily just cut and remove the plastic snaps and you are good to go. This works especially well with motivational wristbands, since you can be reminded of the cause that you support each time you open your book. 

Use: Book Binders

You can use silicone wristbands to keep your books organized for when you are traveling or just packing up books inside your bag. You might need to keep your books closed, so that the pages do not get damaged. This is especially true if you are someone who travels with a lot of liquid stuff inside your bag or if you are someone who does not want to see a single page crumpled from your favorite book. 

Use: Phone Grip

Silicone wristbands are highly elastic, which make them perfect to use as a phone grip. You can easily stretch your silicone wristbands and let it hug the corners of your phone. This gives you a non-slip grip that also acts as a shock absorber for your phone. 

Use: Utility Keychain 

Do you have way too many wristbands that you do not know what to do with them anymore? Here is an idea: you can turn your favorite festive wristbands into a utility keychain. It is so easy now to find the things you need to turn these trendy wristband into a keychain. All you need is a key ring, a puncher, a fastener and the wristband of your choice.

Use: Cable Ties

If you have way too many wires and cables scattered in your room, then you can reuse your old silicone wristbands and make them into cable ties. This prevents your wires and cables from getting tangled. Simply put together all your wires, twist your silicone wristband, and wrap them into neat groups. 

These are just a few creative ways you can reuse and recycle your old silicone wristbands. Instead of leaving them somewhere to collect dust, why do you not turn them into something more useful?

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