Kitchen Remodeling: How To Avoid The Classic Mistakes

January 14, 2019

With kitchens widely said to be the most valuable room in the home, it is really no surprise to see that they are frequently the subject of remodeling projects.

Of course, whilst valuable, these projects also happen to be hugely expensive. It means that mistakes need to be kept to a minimum and this is what today’s article is all about.

We will now take a look at some of the biggest mistakes that you take the plunge to remodel your kitchen, with the aim of hopefully saving you money later down the line!

Mistake #1: Storage is a side thought

As we all know, we are in the age of storage. Sure, a kitchen needs to be functional, but it also needs space to store all of the clutter and kitchen essentials you will have collected over the years.

There is the argument that you could just contact a Tampa handyman to install some additional storage later down the line, but why not do this as part of your remodel? It will make everything integrated and much neater.

Mistake #2: You do not think in 3D

When you first start to plan your kitchen, it is usually in 2D. Granted, there are some high-end companies who may create a 3D visualization, but this tends to be later down the line.

The problem with these 2D plans is that they do not really show how functional a kitchen is.

For example, it is not going to show how much clearance you are going to need for your fridge door or any other cabinet or appliance which swings to open.

It can ultimately mean that your kitchen becomes cramped and this is not the look that anyone wants.

Mistake #3: You make impulse decisions

When we talk about impulse decisions in this regard, it is really all about those kitchen showrooms that we all love to visit during this process.

A lot of materials look perfect in this setting and this immediately lures many of us into getting our wallet out and buying it in the moment.

This is where we would urge you to pause. Pretty much every showroom in the land will offer you samples to take home, and the best advice is to use these to see how a particular material will look in your kitchen. They might look a lot different alongside other furniture or under the various lights you have.

It just reduces the risk of any nasty surprises and probably saves you a bit of money over the long-term as well.

Mistake #4: You forget the friend-factor

Nowadays, kitchens are so much more than a space for cooking. They also happen to be a social space.

This means that any modern kitchen needs to take this into account. Of course, in very small kitchens this is not going to happen, but in all other occasions try and budget with an island, seating area or anything else that can keep everyone together.

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