Five Tips On How To Dress For Your Next Trip

January 17, 2019

Heading out on a trip for adventure is one of life’s truest pleasures. Everyone loves a vacation. If you about to hit the road, you will want to make sure you are properly prepared. Part of proper preparation is having the right kind of clothing on hand. You want to hit the beach or head for the ski slopes with ease. To that end, it helps to follow a few simple tips. Packing well and paying close attention to regional weather variations is crucial. It is best to think carefully about what you are planning to do every day of trip. It is also a good idea to keep in mind that conditions at any destination can change quite quickly. One day it might be raining, while the next it is hot and humid. A well planned travel wardrobe makes it easy to meet such weather changes in style without missing a single hour of fun. 

Be Aware of Microclimates

Climate changes from place to place. It may be raining fiercely in one part of the region, while another part of the region is under intense heat. Many weather patterns are very large, stretching for hundreds of miles. At the same time, weather can also be a highly local phenomenon. In some instances, there are what are known as microclimates. Microclimates are small areas of great regional variation in temperature, humidity, and moisture. They are very common in certain parts of the world. 

Certain places have famous microclimates. For example, San Francisco is known to have weather patterns that can change rapidly in a small radius. Walking even a few blocks can mean that weather changes almost immediately. Be aware of the potential for such changes and dress accordingly. 

Pick a Color Palette

Color is an integral part of any look. Before packing for a trip, keep color front and center. It is a good idea to stick to a few colors. Doing so has many advantages. Pieces in the same color family make it easy to mix and match items when traveling effortlessly. A traveler should think about which colors they like best and which colors look really good with their coloration. Then choose a few basics pieces like a fabulous Gingham & Heels Midi

For example, bring three pairs of pants in neutrals such as navy, black, and dark brown. They can serve as the foundation for many varied looks. Pack three or four shirts in contrasting colors such as red, white, and mustard yellow. Each shirt can work with any pair of pants and look good. Then add in a few accessories. Throw on some inexpensive statement jewelry and bring along five or six scarves to draw attention to your face. 

You will have items on hand that can be packed with up with ease no matter where you are headed. You will also have the confidence of knowing that you look fabulous if you are going to take lots of selfies. 

Double Duty Clothing

All clothing you bring along should serve multiple purposes whenever possible. Making each piece serve more than one purpose helps you reduce the amount of clothing you are bringing with you. That makes it easy for you to keep to the carry on luggage limits when you’re traveling by plane. 

Many clothing companies offer items that be used as a dress or a top. These are good choice if you are spending a lot of days on the road and you do not want to spend a lot of time searching for just the right outfit. Jackets are on the market that have linings. The lining can be removed from the jacket. Use it when the weather gets a bit warmer and something lighter is called for when walking around. 

Clothing may also have qualities that can provide additional protection when you are on the road. For example, bug-resistant clothing is ideal if you are heading to a place known to contain lots of dangerous bugs. The clothing can add a much needed layer of protection against problems such as mosquito bites. This a good choice if you are traveling with many family members. Kids can wear clothing that makes it easier to be outside in places without constantly worrying about having to spray people with insect repellent. 

Something Formal

Travelers frequently spend a lot of time engaged in lots of casual activities. Activities like beach combing, hiking, and having a picnic next to a river do not require formal clothing. At the same time, many people want to have something on hand in case they decide to head out for a special occasion. It is a good idea to think about making sure you have something with you that meets any kind of formal dress code. 

Men should consider packing at least a tie or two for a nice dinner. A silk tie makes a statement and looks good in any upscale setting. Women can opt for that classic little black dress. The little black dress can be worn when sitting and people watching at a cafe. When night falls, dress it up with a small piece of jewelry and you are good to run out to any four-star restaurant. 

Avoid Over Packing

Over packing is a huge temptation. Travelers start to think about their plans at the final destination and become excited. As they do, they may start to grab lots of things in their home wardrobe and place them in their luggage. Anyone should keep in mind that most destinations have many basics on hand. Better yet, many places may have clothing items for less money than be found at home. 

For example, it is possible to find lots of wonderful types of hats to shield the face from the sun when at the beach. Travelers can pick up a hat and then bring it home with them. They will not only have an item that serves a need when on vacation. They also have a nice souvenir that serves as a useful reminder of their travels.

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