Wearing Ankle Weights: Top Mistakes To Avoid

January 17, 2019

In the earlier days, weights like water and sand were tied to the body during exercises for strength training. This method has been enhanced to the different forms of weighted clothing and for ankle weights, which will help in increasing the number of calories burnt. It also enhances the intensity of cardiovascular exercise. Wearing ankle weights has been proven as highly beneficial to overall health. In this article, we’ll explore the most common ways that people injure themselves using ankle weights.

Avoid pressure on knees

One common mistake which people do while wearing ankle weights is to put the same pressure on knees irrespective of weights. It might result in overextending or in over bending the knees, especially while doing squat exercises which will result in improper functioning. Improper use of ankle weights can reduce their awesome benefits and even cause damage. There are chances where the legs might get twisted when extended forward or while performing lunges. So do not overpressure your knees while wearing ankle weights. If you are someone who experiences knee pain or any pain in the joints, then it is best to avoid ankle weights. This is because the joints are already fragile and exerting too much pressure on it will cause it to break.

Keep track of the weight

There is the thing of too much weight and too little weight. If too little weight is applied, then there will not be any significant result in the body or in strength-training. Due to this fact, many people tend to go with extra weight while choosing ankle weights. This is again a mistake as the body is not used to the extra weight and all of a sudden applying too much weight will cause stress and injury. Most of the injuries happen due to over-weight. It might lead to strains and sprains or at least exhaustion which will also de-motivate the athlete. Too much weight too soon is always a mistake. Start with the basic ankle weights and allow your body to warm up and get adjusted to it. Step by step moves towards the higher weight if your body is able to manage it. In case your body is not able to cope up with it, then slightly reduce the weights and stay with it.

Look for signs

Most of the times, our body will indicate what it is capable of. This is especially true while doing strength-training. Usually, any athlete or bodybuilder will experience pain at one point or other. This is a common indication while the muscles are put to stress. In one way, it means that the muscles are getting worked up and hence it will be trimmed. But there is a point where the pain is just an indication that something is wrong in the body. It is the way of your body telling you that it cannot handle any more. Fitness enthusiasts believe that there is no gain without any pain. But one should be able to identify the difference between pain and soreness in the body. If it is just soreness it is fine. But if you experience pain, especially with ankle weights, then stop, as your body is indicating something is wrong.

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