Maintenance-free synthetic ice-rinks are easy to install at homes

January 21, 2019

Aspiring skaters or hockey players would greatly benefit by installing a synthetic ice-skating rink at home. Just as people wish to have a swimming pool or a basketball court at home, it is easy to set up an ice-skating rink too. To understand how easy it is, look up at the official website of Kwik Rink Synthetic Ice company by logging on to You will be amazed to know that it is not only easy to set up the rink but convenient too because you can install it at any place at home in the basement, garage or backyard.  Even if you wish to turn your home into a hockey town, you can do it easily with help from the professional installers of the company.

Turn any space into an ice rink

Space is never a constraint for setting up a synthetic ice-rink whether you do it at your home or any public place for a commercial purpose.  Even if you have a small space at home like the attic, barn or pole, any location is just perfect for setting up the rink of the desired size.  Similarly, the climate also does not come in the way of installing synthetic ice rinks that can endure all kinds of climatic conditions when installing outdoor.  You can turn any flat surface into an ice-rink and use it for various purposes. From aspiring hockey players to athletes and skaters to entertainment seekers who just want to get fun from gliding and sliding on ice, everyone would find the synthetic surface suited for them.

Small or big – installation and tear down is easy

It is easy and quick to install a synthetic ice-rink because of the convenient size of the ice panels. The ice-panels are available in standard size of 4’x8′ sheets of lubricated plastic provided with a dovetail that is easy to configure like a jig-saw puzzle. Depending on the nature of use, you can select either 3/8″ thick panels or ½” panels with the former having a lifespan of 7-10 years and the latter lasting for more than 10 years. The panels fit against one another and remain tightly locked in place to provide a seamless, smooth surface matching with natural ice and as good as it. Tearing down the surface is just as easy and quick as installing it.

It is like real ice

Although synthetic ice-rinks fake real ice, you can hardly make out the difference in performance between the natural and artificial surface because if you install the best quality synthetic ice-rink, you can achieve 90% of the speed of real ice. The synthetic surface feels so good that once you get used to it, you will hardly feel that you are missing the actual ice surface.

You can customize the size of the rink to suit your application and available space by cutting the panels to smaller sizes. If you are using it for hockey, you can request the ice-rink manufacturing company to provide the necessary markings like a goalie- creases, lines, custom circle and face-off dots on the surface.

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