Money-Safe Ideas: Correct Statement of Purpose Finance Writing 2019

January 21, 2019

Writing a winning statement of purpose finance is not easy. The idea behind it is that you need to let the panel know more about you. You don’t need to talk about your favorite dog or what you did when you were 10 years old. This is a more formal essay based on your achievements and who you are as a person. You can discuss some life changing moments, as long as it is not cliché. This does pose a lot of pressure on students.

There may be moments during writing your SOP where you doubt yourself. You may not know if you are doing it right or if you are adhering to the requirements. There is so much information you can get your hands on these days. Look at as many samples as you possibly can before you start writing your own. Here are some important facts to consider when you write your finance statement of purpose.

Research every program you apply for

This is by far one of the most important things you should do. Research the school and the program you applying to join. Do not send a generic SOP to every school. An experienced panel member will quickly identify if you’ve gone the extra mile. Mention your findings in your SOP to set you apart from the rest of the applicants.

Improve your writing

A lot of students opt to hire a writer when doing their statement of purpose for mba because of their poor writing skills. If you are attempting this yourself, pay extra attention to the quality of your writing. There is no room for error, unless you intentionally did so. Always have a grammar checker go over your work to make sure it’s as good as it can be. You can also ask an editor to go over your SOP and ask for suggestions on changing a few words around.

Future goals

When you write your SOP, draw a clear connection between the program and your future endeavours. This will let the panel know that you need this program and it is not just some random idea you had late at night. Show that you chose this program because it ties in with your career advancement and your goals.


Besides writing well, you also need to have the correct format for your SOP. When it comes to formatting statement of purpose, ask someone who has successfully done so before. You can also check for some samples online. Find ones that were written for the school you are applying at. Many educational institutes have their own unique way of doing things. Make sure you use the format expected for this particular program.

Word count limits

You will be given a set amount of words you should write your SOP in. It won’t be a lot, so you want to make sure you use your words to the best of your abilities. Only include what would potentially impress the panel and get you into those school doors. Leave the clichés for another time because the panel would already assume that you are passionate about this industry. Instead, speak about facts and how you plan to make this a success.

Find your voice

Writing a statement of purpose is not about sounding like a professor. Find your own true voice and engage the reader. You need to understand that it is actual human beings reading your SOP. Don’t sound like a robot or a dictionary when writing your SOP. Think about having a casual chat with your best friend and use that tone. You still need to write correctly, but you don’t need to be too formal.

Final thoughts on statement of purpose finance writing

There is not much of a difference between writing a SOP for various industries. The format, rules and requirements are fairly similar. It is only the content that differs. Don’t let the degree you are applying for intimidate you at this step. The panel would be reading a lot of Statement of Purpose essays and you need to stand out. Tell your unique story and they should feel a connection to you. That is all a winning SOP requires.

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