A Beginner’s Guide To A Physically Fit Body

September 7, 2020

Physical fitness is what everyone craves, but no one is totally fit, because this factor does not remain constant throughout life. There are numerous ways a body can lose its fitness and only a few through which it can regain. So, you need to adopt those few ways into your life, so that you get a good hold of fitness and continue being fit and healthy throughout your entire life. Are you ready to start the journey? You will need plenty of motivation during it, but trust me, once you get into that phase, no power on earth can stop you from turning into a healthy, better, wiser, active, focused, and more productive person than ever before!

Without further ado, let us get straight to the point:

Is A Physically Fit Body Only A Dream

If you think fitness is only a dream which is impossible to achieve, you will never get fit! You need to constantly check out the progress that you make on this journey and assure yourself that you are doing great. No matter if your progress is slow or your results are unsatisfactory. There always exists a second chance to let us perform better than before. Check out these tips for a physically fit body below:


Exercise is not something you can skip if you want to achieve a physically fit body. Without getting into the habit of a good exercise routine, physical fitness would appear to be a dream to you. If you are too lazy to exercise daily, you can choose to go running or even walking for a while once a day. Bicycling is also another substitute for the tough acts performed during cardio and muscular exercises. You can choose to do this every evening, for half an hour initially and then for one hour or more later on. Do not over burden yourself or else you would get bored of this activity quickly. Make sure to do things that make you happy!

Going to the gym is not necessary to achieve this. You can get your hands on a good quality well-cushioned gym mat and use that for exercising and yoga purposes. If you think exercise does not work great for you, shift to yoga activity. Meditation, power yoga, and Pilates are effective options to adopt instead of exercising without any passion or mood.

Meditation is also good for your mental health and can help you mentally be strong in order to live a better, more purposeful life. 


This is very important! You must eat the correct proteins and vitamins in your daily food plan. You need to properly compose an eating plan for yourself and follow it rigorously. If you do so than you will stay healthy even in your 50’s! This is one shortcut to fasten your journey to a physically fit body. If you can not stick to veggies and fruits only, it is okay to add a cheat day to your routine.

One out of the seven days of a week will work fine as a cheat day. Along with a healthy diet, taking in the right fluids into your body is also significant. So, keep that in mind. Wherever you go, whatever you do, keep a water bottle beside you that would keep you hydrated throughout your working routine. Also, eat things that make you happy and that are fresh.


Drug addiction would never let you achieve a healthy fit body. If you think you can continue to grow a healthy body and a fit mindset even after a heavy alcohol consumption, you are thinking wrong. I know it becomes very difficult to let go of drugs once you are addicted to them. I will tell you a better way out. You can avoid events where drug consumption becomes necessary or better attend the gatherings where you would not be exposed to drugs and medicines.

CBD products are another best option to look out as a substitute for smoking tobacco and nicotine. CBD nugs from https://cbdvapejuice.net/cbd-drip/cbd-flower/ are extracted from hemp plants and are organic. They do not even produce any intoxicating effects on your mind or physical health. And the best thing is, they give you the same aftereffects that smoking weed produces.  


Getting good decent sleep is also necessary for a healthy, fit body. Please sleep for 6-7 hours a night to make sure your brain gets its energy to function properly throughout the day. Good sleep will also ensure that you do not have to get mini naps throughout the day that would disturb your work pace.

If you are a night owl, it is fine to work late at night and then cover the 6 hours of sleep after working. I will also suggest you not to stay on your phone or laptop for too long when you plan to get onto your bed and get into a nice sleep. You can try to meditate and think about your day and what you will do the next day for a better sleep experience.


Another important phenomenon that highly affects your brain and mental health is your thinking capability. Negative thoughts and overthinking drag you towards a condition known as stress and anxiety and negatively affect your physical health. Staying in the right company with the right people will also ensure that your mind is in the right thoughts and is not stressed. There are some other ways also that you can try to cope up with stress at work

If you feel like you can not control your thoughts most of the time, it is better to take some supplements rather than medications that would treat your brain positively. I do not think that people should search for doctors and medicines whenever they feel mental illness issues; rather, simply working on yourself is the first step to treat such conditions.

SIDE TIP: You can try out any CBD products if you feel stressed out or get anxiety attacks during the day. These products do not negatively affect your health and get directly into your bloodstream when consumed. CBD products are available in the versatile form, may it be drop, capsules, injections, or a roll like a cig. So you can choose to go for the way that seems convenient for you to be used in public. Remember not to overdose yourself with these and only consume whenever you feel like its necessary.

My Final Words

Never get too dependent on supplements and medications to provide you with good health. Vitamins and energy capsules work fine, but why not use a diet instead full of nutritional components and include many vitamins? You can check out some healthy foods to consume for breakfast and a cheat diet plan where you can eat your favorite food, but with some minor changes. I know, maintaining a physically fit body is a challenge, however its worth the effort! Try it out.

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