Seven Ways To Repurpose An Empty Garage

January 23, 2019

Do you have an empty garage space you would like to convert? The question is what to do with your space and how should you organize it in order to provide the best use of the space. 

Even if you store your vehicles in the garage, you should also have room to design some organizational space around it so that you can make your life easier and more efficient. 

What is the purpose of a garage?

The garage is typically used to store your cars, right? But that does not mean that it has to be boring or that you do not have room for other things. The key is to figure out what you want it to be used for. How do you want your garage to reflect your lifestyle, hobbies, or personality? 

It is really up to you! 

Here are a few ways to repurpose your garage that can reflect your unique tastes and lifestyle. We found these quite interesting. 

1. The Traditional Garage

One idea is to create a garage that serves a strong functional purpose such as vehicle storage and tools. But why stop there? Many people choose to locate their washer and dryer in the garage. This is an idea that helps you get these large appliances out of your house and leaves you more space in your home. It also separates your washing area from the rest of your house, so you are not always dealing with dirty clothes inside your home. 

Put some organizational drawers and storage units in the garage space, as well to help you organize things you only use outside such as sports equipment. Purchase a rack to house basketballs, sports gear, and other miscellaneous items. 

At the very least, you can have a much more organized space that is both functional and attractive and still leave room for your cars! 

2. As A Man Cave

If you have always wanted to have a space that is uniquely yours, men can use this space as their man cave by designing it to feature their favorite things. Put up sports jerseys or create a shelf to display autographed sports balls or other memorabilia. Have unique flooring installed that reflects a man’s personality or lifestyle. It will give your garage a whole new look and give the man of the house a place to retreat and enjoy a beer and a football game! 

3. As A Hobby Center

If you have a special hobby that you want to focus on, why not move it to the garage? You will have more space there than you would in the house and you do not have to worry about making a mess in the house. Design shelving and drawers to store your raw materials and other items. Decorate it with lamps or painting if you want. No one says a garage can’t look like a regular room! 

4. Music Recording Studio

If you are a musician or have one in your household, move them outside! That may sound cruel, but it is actually doing them a favor. They can play to their heart’s content in the garage area when you design a recording studio with soundproof walls. You can purchase acoustic foam, which allows you to create a soundproof room that will not bother the neighbors (unless of course, you have a Jimmy Hendrix who over modulates). Acoustic foam is considered a good way to soundproof, while also enhancing the sound and acoustics inside the room. 

You can have a shelf designed and built that will house all of your musician’s equipment and recording devices with plenty of room for media and other items. 

Put musical notes on the walls or photos of music concerts to complete the look. 

5. As A Shop Or Work Area

If you are a garage mechanic who works from your home or you just want to use your garage space for a work area, you can do it. Some tasks such as hammering, building, and sawing are meant to be done outside. Carpenters can create a workshop complete with mechanical saws, long tables, and welding equipment. Car mechanics can put down mats over the garage floor to protect it from damage when working on cars. 

Perhaps you can even start a new business from your garage and pay for the cost of the upgrade! 

6. Art Studio Or Craft Room

The more you get into a hobby, the more equipment, raw materials, and finished product you have. Where do you put it all? Redecorate and design your garage to create a complete art studio or craft area. If you create crafts such as jewelry or quilting, you will have plenty of room to move these things into the garage, especially if you do not use it for storing your vehicles. 

Some people decide to use their garage for their hobby or art studio and leave their car parked somewhere else. If you live in a relatively safe neighborhood and you carry comprehensive insurance on your vehicle, this might be an option for you. 

Artists can put up easels and you will still have room for your finished products. It is also safer to keep some materials in a garage due to fumes or other chemical properties to avoid possible flash fires or other hazards. 

7. As A Computer Shop

If you repair or create computers, why not move it to your garage? Many famous inventors and successful entrepreneurs started in their garages such as: 

  • Steve Jobs (Apple)
  • Bill Gates (Microsoft)
  • Jeff Besos (Amazon)

And this is just the short list! 

There is plenty of room to do whatever you want to do in your garage. But first, you will want to create a plan to redesign it, so that it is functional and serves the purpose you want to use it for. 

With a little imagination and determination, you can do it! 

Conclusion: Thinking Outside the Box

The key to creating the garage you have always wanted is to think outside the box. Everyone thinks of a garage as “the place to keep your car.” But no one says you have to do that! Look around your garage and think about what you love doing. Would you get more out of your hobby or work projects by moving it to the garage space? 

Contact Sunshine Coast Sheds Steeline to find out how to get started giving your garage a facelift. 

If so, go for it! You may want to consult with a professional designer. They will have lots of ideas of how to implement your dream. Enjoy your new space. 

Your car will understand.

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