Eight Ways Quitting Drinking Makes You A Better Mom Or Dad

January 24, 2019

Being a parent is hard work. When you drink, it can lead to devastating consequences, such as forgetting children at school, missing important teacher meetings, not packing a lunch, not signing important documentation, endangering their lives in the car, and much more. The moment you stop drinking, you will become a better parent. 

1. Better Mood 

What is more irritating than being hungover and little ones screaming and jumping up and down in the morning? You have likely lashed out at your excited young ones for making a commotion when in fact your bad mood and irritation is a direct result of your own actions rather than theirs. This bad mood lingers all day as you try to hydrate, take pain relief medication, and attempt to return your body back to a functioning state. 

2. Being Present 

During the times when parents drink, they often become self-involved to escape. They may be trying to escape personal problems, work problems, financial problems, and more. When parents escape, they are no longer present for the issues and struggles in the lives of their children. Every situation becomes about the parent rather than the child. You should always put the well-being of your child before your desires and problems. 

3. Health Improvements 

Once you quit drinking, your health will improve greatly. Your liver will begin to repair itself and heal. This is important so that it can focus on doing the job it is supposed to do rather than to constantly be working to eliminate alcohol from your body. It will also make it easier to eat right and exercise. Your skin will also begin to look better. 

4. More Energy 

Alcohol depletes your energy at a rapid rate. Sure, when you drink you feel like you have an endless amount of energy. The second you stop, such as when you sleep, your body begins to react negatively to the effects of alcohol. When you have more energy, you can play with your children, run errands more easily, and participate in their lives with bright eyes and enthusiasm. 

5. Productivity Enhancement 

Alcohol disrupts your ability to be productive, particularly after a bender. This occurs both at home and at work. You might find yourself sleeping instead of cleaning the kitchen. You might find yourself sneaking off to the bathroom cubicles to take a nap at work. Regardless of the way it disrupts your productivity, it directly affects your children. Keep in mind that greater productivity often leads to promotions and better pay. 

6. Save Money 

Drinking is expensive. Perhaps you have had to choose between buying alcohol or buying something for your child in the past. When you are sober, you no longer have to worry about how you will pay for all the things your child needs. 

7. Good Sleep 

Sleep after drinking alcohol is not quality sleep. A good night’s sleep can only occur when you are clean and sober. Good sleep is critical to every aspect of parenthood. You have to be sharp in case your child becomes sick. You have to be well-rested if they need help with their homework. Good sleep is imperative to good parenting. 

8. Weight Loss 

Many people who quit drinking will also lose weight. Alcohol is filled with empty calories. People who abuse alcohol might consume a few thousand calories from alcohol each day. This adds up quickly along with the pounds. Weight loss also leads to better health, more energy, and fewer complications in life. 

Quitting drinking is a struggle for many people, however with the right support system, including family and programs, you can do it. If you cannot quit drinking or doing drugs for yourself and to improve your own life, do it for your children. They deserve better and you will establish a wonderful relationship that will last forever. Be a good parent and quit drinking today.

For more information on alcohol addiction and treatment options, please visit: https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/alcohol-abuse/.

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