Landscaping Tips from the Lawn Care Pros

January 25, 2019

When it comes to landscaping your home, you want to make your yard noticeable and unforgettable all year long. For the yard enthusiast, there are many things to think of, such as seasonal landscaping, the popular term “lawnscaping”, pathways, stone placement, corner décor, patio landscaping, and even an outdoor flower garden (or multiple). You can even landscape to make an outdoor produce garden stand out above the rest, yet still make your yard look appealing.  So, here are the tips for any new landscaper from the pros at Frontier Lawns.

Think About How Your House Will Look in Every Season
When it comes to your home looking top-notch, you have to think to yourself:

“What will my yard look like in the summer?”
“How will it look in the winter when the leaves are gone?”

In order to answer these questions, look into various types of flowers and plants. Mix your flower gardens with both perennial and annual flowers. This will ensure that all year round, you have a beautiful flower garden.

Think about tree placement and shrubs or bushes. You don’t want to overdo it, but having a couple well placed evergreen bushes that are young and full of life can make a big difference for the home’s appearance, and even the market value of your lawn.

What is Lawnscaping?
Lawnscaping is difference from landscaping in a sense, because it’s more directed to your lawn care than just your general landscaping of your yard. Things to consider are:

  • What type of grass do I want? (Natural grass? Synthetic grasses?)
  • What kind of plant seed do I want to plant if natural? (Bahia, Fescue, etc.)
  • What brand of turf and topsoil do I want?
  • How fertile is each area of my lawn?
  • What types of wildflowers (if any) do I want?
  • How much lawn care will I need once my lawn is completely landscaped and grown?

Things like this are important to consider when it comes to being able to have a well taken care of lawn to compliment your landscaping design.

Outdoor Buildings and Corner Spots
Think about where you want your gardening or lawn care shed, or even your garage if it’s an external garage. You don’t want these things too close to the house, but you don’t want them to be too. Do you have a very wide open yard? Make a simple walkway out to a beautiful gazebo to bring some life even if it’s far from your home.

Don’t be afraid to get too creative with walkways. Use stepping stones, or even just a concrete sidewalk from one point to another (for example from the patio to the garden) with some flowers to decorate the walkway. These types of landscaping tricks can also enhance the view when and shine some light on the points of your yard in between the different areas of your property.

These are not all of the learning tips from pros that you can find, but some of these are pretty essential when it comes to maintaining your lawn, your landscaping, and the presence of your home. You can search everywhere, and not just online; there are plenty of magazines available, newsletters, and more that you can get in order to make your home one of the most marketable and beautiful houses in the neighborhood!

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