Reasons To Convert Word DOC To PDF

January 24, 2019

Are you looking for a compatible converter online to help you with converting word files into PDF files? Have you experimented with paid as well as free file converter to convert files but, it did not do you any good? Try using an online PDF editor to convert as many as files at a time.

However, why do you need to covert word DOC to PDF? It is no wonder that Microsoft Word is one of the commonly used word processors among many users. A number of college students and even, top-selling authors rely on Microsoft Word for preparing a word document, and they even use online file converters to convert the word doc into PDF formats for improved convenience. allows you convert word files into PDF formats in a jiff. You should consider changing the format of the files for the given reasons:

  • Word documents are likely to change:

One of the top reasons that people consider switching the format of the word files is due to the fact that MS Word is likely to change its format when it is opened on a different computer. Also, if you are using a different printer for the same computer — it would instantly shift the formatting of the documents. However, once you convert the word file into PDF then, the format of the document would stay the same.

  • For keeping the references and ToC intact:

It takes a lot of effort into inserting references and table of content to a word file. However, when a user opens the file on a different computer or printer then, the references are likely to get mismatched and the table of content would lose its composition. It happens because the number of pages is likely to change in lengthy documents, and it would be a mess for eBook or book writers. However, if they choose to convert their files into PDF then, they wouldn’t notice any mismatch or shift in the document.

  • MS Word has new and old versions

Regardless of the version of MS Word you might have on your computer — you cannot expect the recipient to receive the file in the same format if they have an older or newer version of MS Word. If you are forwarding an important proposal or brief to your colleague or boss — you should consider using the converter at to make sure that the content of the document are not switched or misplaced when they open it on their version of MS Word.

  • PDF files works better on smartphones

While MS Word files can be easily opened and accessed on smartphones — they are not as mobile-friendly, and it may make it challenging for you to read or download the files. However, the PDF formatted files work better on the smartphone, and you can even download a PDF book to your smartphone, and it would make it easier for you to read it without squinting your eyes.

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