What to Eat In Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train?

January 31, 2019

Deccan Odyssey is one of the most popular luxury trains in India. Deccan Odyssey is famous for its tasty gourmet food on a running train. Deccan Odyssey does not serve namesake food. The guests are served wide range of oriental, Indian and continental dishes. Fresh ingredients are procured at every destination and every element of your meal is prepared fresh. Canned and processed foods are avoided as much as possible.

What to expect to eat during one day in Deccan Odyssey Train? This article will shed light on the dining practices of the train.


Breakfast is always kept simple and healthy. You can find high-energy dishes during breakfast to get you through the day of sightseeing, activities and others. If you want to stick with fruits, you can choose flavored yogurts, fresh juices or fruit platter. You can also choose to eat just cereals for breakfast.

For those who wish to have a heavy breakfast, there are numerous options of egg to order with choices of pork, bacon, ham, rosemary potato and others. You can end the breakfast with tea or coffee, as you desire.


Lunch is quite heavy and it focuses on adding fresh ingredients that are exotic to the current location. You can also find delicacies from around the world. Lunch is served as a three-course meal, with a starter, soup and a main dish. End the lunch your choice of dessert. You can find homemade sauces and dressing available according to your choice of dish. The type of dishes in each course varies with destination and according to the Deccan Odyssey schedule.


Dinner is served to be fit for a king. You can choose from a choice of meat dishes or vegetarian options along with choices of dessert. Indian thali is usually served during dinner. Thali is a large dish, which serves a small portion of 8 or more traditional dishes. If you choose to taste the Indian cuisine, this is the best way to taste as many dishes as possible in one meal.

If you have any specific dietary requirements, mention your need during the time of Deccan Odyssey booking. The chefs will prepare specific foods as per your diet. From time to time, based on the availability of special ingredients, chefs may serve signature dishes, which are linked to the specific location. Indian food is generally spicy and hot. You can request for a milder version while ordering, if you cannot stand the Indian spice level.

Interesting Information about Deccan Odyssey Cuisine

  1. Food is covered under the train ticket but the cold beverages and soft drinks are not.
  2. Although there are two restaurants, the menu is the same.
  3. The meals are served in specialty glass and silverware to give a grand look
  4. The plates are made with fine Limoges and cutlery is gold plated.
  5. Beverages, water and light snacks will be available throughout the year. The main meals are available only during the specific timing.
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