Ten Tips For Buying A Floor Mirror For Your Room

July 29, 2022

A mirror is a useful item to have in your interior design toolkit since it does more than simply assist you judge how well your clothing and haircut match. Mirrors may enhance light, produce a dramatic impression, and add reflecting highlights to your walls as part of your home’s interior design. Utilize the ten professional suggestions we have provided below to think beyond mirrors as purely practical items.

How can I make a mirror fit with my decor?

You must pick the frame of the mirror carefully if you want it to go in with your existing decor.

  • Wooden frames work well in industrial and rustic settings, especially when the wood is highlighted with distressed features. A wooden frame enhances a rustic vibe as well; in fact, clustering mirrors is a great way to make a statement. To integrate your new mirror with your existing style, use two or more wood-framed mirrors in a room or corridor.
  • Metal window frames give a space a crisp, almost clinical sense that is perfect for extra-orderly aesthetics like modern and minimalist settings. Choose a more creative mirror frame when you want to have fun with a mirror and add a little additional spice to an unusual environment. If you want to simplify an already crowded boho area, consider a basic gold or rose gold frame to bring structure into the room. You may discover lovely hand painted metal frames that add a distinct style to your home.

What distinguishes a good mirror?

When searching for a mirror, there are three primary characteristics you should consider. The difference between a mirror you can discard and one you will want to preserve is determined by the glass quality, mirror thickness, and mirror silvering.

  • When reflecting light, good glass is flat and distortion-free; thus, if you see even a slight fun house effect, move on to another product.
  • A mirror should have a quarter-inch thickness in order to avoid distortion of the reflection, even when set against an uneven wall.
  • The chemical coating needed to complete a mirror is called mirror silvering. Generous coatings are applied to high-quality items to provide a durable, transparent covering.

How are different shaped mirrors to be used?

The form of the mirror you choose is just as significant as where you put it. Using a unique mirror form to match your environment might have a more dramatic effect than using traditional rectangular mirrors. 

  • An oval mirror or a flirtier form, such a quatrefoil, will look great in a room with a soft, feminine vibe and shabby chic decor. 
  • You may go with traditional designs like rectangles and squares to go with masculine home design; in this case, the frames speak for themselves. For a coordinating accent, use a wooden or metal frame.
  • Think trapezoid, parallelogram, and right triangles when choosing a metal frame for minimalist surroundings since these designs have strong lines and will draw attention to the functioning of the mirror.
  • You are allowed to experiment with various forms in an eclectic setting, including both sharp angles and rounded curves. Try using a diamond shape for a more upscale look, a scallop shape to add individuality, or circles to keep it straightforward yet entertaining.

What kind of mirrors go well in which rooms?

Have you ever entered a space with plenty of mirrors and felt it was much bigger than it actually was until you saw your own reflection? Mirrors have the ability to double the appearance of space in any room through an optical illusion.

  • A little mirror placed at the far end of a corridor might make it appear longer.
  • When positioned just over a straightforward console table, a square-shaped mirror looks wonderful in a foyer.
  • You may utilise small accent mirrors in your bathroom to add light and flair to the area.
  • You may inspect your attire before leaving the bedroom with floor mirrors that have substantial, painted hardwood frames.

Should you buy more mirrors?

When used in pairs, mirrors provide a feeling of elegance and harmony while attractively reflecting the other side of a space. Mirrors are ideal for framing views. Even a room with a boho décor may benefit from symmetry if you utilise mirrors in pairs to create an orderly ambiance. To add to an eclectic setting, mirrors with unusual shapes or colorful trim can also be arranged in pairs.

How to use small mirrors in an open space?

In addition to symmetrical groups, you can also arrange several identically sized mirrors next to one another and across from one another. You can add a collage of mirrors to any area to brighten it up, much like a collage of paintings. Choose various shapes and frames for a funkier design. You may adhere to a color scheme to encourage some coherence or keep it mismatched for a unique style that stays loyal to you.

Upkeep of floor mirrors:

A floor mirror needs regular upkeep after being purchased. In order to avoid having to pay for a second repair of the floor mirror, it is crucial to understand how to safeguard the floor length mirror’s accessories.

Maintain dry surroundings: 

Wet conditions might harm the mirror. To avoid moisture intrusion, attempt to install the floor mirror in a dry area. Please refrain from touching or wiping the mirror surface with damp materials to avoid blurring it. Use a delicate cotton cloth bathed in kerosene or wax to remove any filth from the mirror’s surface and frame. 

Avoid placing it too close to the door: 

Accidents can occur easily if your mirror is placed too close to the door. You want to make sure you have enough room to maintain a safe distance from the entrance in order to prevent running into the floor-length mirror.

Although some large floor mirrors are simple to move, caution should be taken to avoid scratching the surface. Therefore, if you must move it, take care to avoid scratching or breaking it. Hire a porter to assist you if the item is really heavy. The right-sized floor-length mirror must be chosen.

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