360 degree tool: The tool that accesses employees

February 11, 2019

The 360-degree tool is a unique arsenal in the hands of an organization which helps in its 360-degree development much like its name. A 360-degree tool is a comprehensive tool that provides an all-round outlook to its users. It is not just another feedback tool. It encompasses the entire credibility of an employee bringing to forth his own perception or others perception of him. It rates the abilities of an individual employee by evaluating him or her through their peers. Be it fellow employees or superiors or even customers. It highlights your skill set by showing others evaluation of you.

The feedback is conducted keeping a lot of aspects in mind. The same set of questions is thrown at the concerned employee. He or she gets to answer it first and then the rest follow suit. It is an interesting exercise that involves almost an organization’s workforce. You get to view yourself through others eyes. The self-evaluation is as much a necessity as others evaluation. 360-degree feedback tool is one of a kind tool putting two perceptions side-by-side. The questions cover a wide range of topics.

So, why it is so important? It paints a complete picture of your effectiveness and your daily contribution to your organization. You get a clear picture of how people perceive you and measure your potential. What are your pros and cons? What value are you adding to the company? You can judge your self-worth professionally. It helps you reach the common goal of the company based on its vision. You can view your abilities clearly. It helps in fulfilling the agenda of the company. It gives the company a better idea of you. It is indeed an effective tool that benefits both to the employees and the company alike.

It scores on other aspects as well. It makes you aware. In a way, it opens your mind opening up your peers’ perception to you. There might be a lot of things that get overshadowed this feedback will clear the air around you. You might have viewed yourself very differently than the way you presented yourself. Communication holds the secret key to success but it is no secret to us. This feedback helps you communicate better. It provides you with a case study of yourself. When you get to know others more the communication becomes a lot easier or so they say.

The all-round development is a consequence of this feedback. When you have a comprehensive view of your abilities scrutinized through the eyes of others you can achieve a lot more. It provides a synopsis of what you can do and what you can’t. That really helps. You are accountable to the company but suddenly you realize that better. You reciprocate their ideas and resonate with them too. Since you are aware of what they want from you and what you want from them. It also helps you behave accordingly.

It helps in improving the overall performance of the staff thus accelerating the core progress of the company. When you have a report card evaluating your performance on the basis of your competency you get a clear idea of your abilities. This process is helpful as coordination improves.

360 degree feedback tool

360 degree feedback tool has many features and is multifaceted. The sign-up is easy and pocket-friendly. That means, it’s easy on the pocket and also in use. The sign-up is instant and you don’t have to devote a lot of time. The sign-up is real quick and adds to the tool’s many advantages. It provides real-time email validation. This feature helps and assists you in sending the right messaging to its rightful recipient. All your data issues are solved at an instant. This feature is an effective feature for this tool that helps a lot in data management.

The 24*7 support system is something everyone should watch out for. Many tools promise this service but rarely does someone deliver. So, it is something that makes the 360-degree tool a must. It provides a personal plan designed just for you. Every employee has access to a wide range of information regarding his or her personal development and this adds to that. It presents a detailed plan.

It has this auto-save feature. It automatically saves the data that is derived as a response to a particular question. The response is immediately saved and can be used for evaluation purpose. It helps in storing data for future references. It is readily available online. The easy availability adds to its value. It is widely available and is viable. Apart from this feature it also has exhaustive competency frameworks that are a major feature of this tool.

An elaborate questionnaire is provided to you that is comprehensive, to say the least. It covers all your potential areas and is made keeping every employee in mind. It is a bank of curious questions. You are offered a customized email template. You are given an email template that can be customized and how fun is that. Last but not least it is extremely user-friendly. That is its USP.

How does this amazing tool work?

It does that in four stages

  • Create Survey
  • Manage Survey
  • Give feedback
  • Analyze and access the report

Firstly, you need to create the survey you can do that by selecting template then adding participants and in the end, set up e-mails.

The second point is to manage the survey for that you need to select a survey tile and then track the status

The third point is to give feedback for that you need to click on ‘Give Feedback’ button and you will get the facility of multiple sittings.

The final point is to analyze and access the report for that you need to generate the feedback. It will have the following information.

  • Number of Feedback Providers
  • Competency Wise Ratings
  • Summary of Top Qualities and Areas of Improvement
  • Others Opinion about the Seeker
  • Suggested Personal Development Plan

These are few of the reasons why the 360 degree tool is meant for everyone including you.

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