Few Handy And Simple DIY Techniques For Leaking Roof Repairs

February 11, 2019

Old roof of a house often starts leaking due to the formation of cracks on various parts of the roof surface. Initially, this roof leaking may not seem to be a serious issue to the house owner. But these minor leaks may turn into wider cracks in no time and can cause more severe damages to the roof, if not attended immediately. The high expense of hiring roof repairing contractors may discourage many homeowners in this regard. However, they may try some effective DIY tactics for leaking roof repairs, which they can perform without any professional help.

Essential And Useful Tips For DIY Leaking Roof Repairs

  • Exact detection of leaky spots – Usually, it is not at all easy to detect a small leakage on a roof, as minor cracks cannot be seen with the naked eye.  So, it is better to run water with a hosepipe over the roof and examine the places that seem to be wet on the inner side of the roof. The watermarks or black spots on the roof are known as signs of leakage on a roof. As molds grow only on damp places, spotting of molds on the roof surface indicates the need for leaking roof repairs. If there is an attic on the roof or if the roof is accessible, then it is easier to examine the entire roof with a powerful torch light.
  • Adoption of safety measures – The roof should be completely dry while repairing it, as slippery roofs can be risky when stepped on it. Therefore, it is best to carry on leaking roof repairs on the dry season and a bright sunny day is perfect for such a job. It is better to wear boots with rubber soles, to avoid slipping off the steep roof surfaces. Moreover, it is wise to tie a rope or safety lanyard around the body, to prevent accidental fall while repairing roof leakages. The use of a ladder is a good precautionary measure while repairing steep roofs.
  • Tools needed for roof repairs – A house owner should have all the tools that are essential for leaking roof repairs. He will need a hammer, trowel, utility knife, set of galvanized nails, scraper, pry bar, propane torch with a suitable nozzle, asphalt roof cement, and clean clothes. However, chisel, hacksaw, electrical tape, and wooden shingles are also needed for repairing wooden roofs.
  • Repairing of a leaky roof – First of all, the located leaking spot should be measured from the opposite walls. Then the surface layer of the damaged roof around the detected crack should be taken out carefully with the utility knife. If there is still any moisture inside the crack, it should be wiped off to dry the space. The house owner may also use the flame issuing out of propane torch, for drying off the leakage spot. Then an adequate coating of cement should be applied on the cracked area and pressed firmly with the trowel. He may hammer in some nails over the crack and finally cover these nails again with a layer of cement, to complete the job of leaking roof repairs.
  • Repair of small holes – If there are some minute holes in the roof, it can be sealed with a small piece of rubber that may be cut off from a tube. The new patch of tar and gravel may be applied over the detected hole with a caulk gun; the levelled with the knife or a brush to complete the repairing job.
  • Replacement of roof – If the tiles of a shingled roof are heavily damaged, then replacement of those tiles is the only option left for the house owner.

Though DIY techniques are quite effective for all homeowners; they may hire professionals for leaking roof repairs, if they find too difficult for them to do.

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