Nine Decor Ideas For A Luxurious Jewelry Store

February 23, 2019

Jewelry has been transforming beauty to aesthetics from the very first day of human civilization. However, if you are asked about the jewels of a jewelry shop, i.e the beautification and decoration of a jewelry store, that adds to the aesthetics and aristocracy of the shop, then you must focus on the following décor ideas for a luxurious jewelry store:

Greenish walls with the fragrance of nature

Since the initial gaze of the customer falls on the walls of the shop, a stylish, as well as a modern wall-décor, becomes the priority. An artificial green wall can be a suitable choice, which consists of latex and plastic-made plants, resulting in a realistic look along with a feel of real plants. The artificial green wall foliage are UV stabilized, making them capable of resisting sunlight. This UV stabilizing feature protects the plants from any sort of discoloration or fading; being affected by the sunlight. In a similar flavor, one can think about decorating the store with artificial plant wall. This is such a decoration where the artificial UV-proof latex or plastic-made plants, framed with wood along with fancy hooks, are hung on the walls. With free-flowing color and richly layered design, it looks like a garden on the wall. 

Green Wall

Grassy floors give a breezy and reviving look

If you are planning for a stylish floor with a natural touch, the artificial prairie grass would be a lucrative option with thin and vibrant grass strands. With minimal effort and cost, this faux green prairie grass updates the decoration in a modernized look that other bland décor can never! If one is looking for a special theme or landscape, placing the order with the planned theme would fulfill the requirement. Being crafted from premium quality material, along with consisting a dazzling look, it does not require any regular upkeep. Introducing such a floor in your jewelry store, would definitely play a role of attraction by putting life in the inert store. The best part about using artificial plants and trees is you would not need to spend a dime in maintaining them. These plants are also fire-retardant, which adds a safety feature to the shop just in case of an accident.

Grassy Floor

When lights put on the ‘weight’ of the shop

Lighting is even more than an ornament for a jewelry shop! If you are seeking for subtle illumination or maximizing the available space the decorative recessed lighting would be the best solution, which can be set directly inside the wall. To add beauty and elegance a chandelier would be best for the store, introducing glamour and charm. If you want to put a festive condiment, the Valentines’ daylight, Christmas light, Halloween light etc. will provide the flavor of enjoyment and fun.

Store Lighting

Stylish cash-chamber and reception

The cash-chamber and the reception, since usually look very pale in general stores, it would be a visually unique and attractive part of the store if they are considered as the subjects of decoration. To avoid a clumsy décor, it would be effective to introduce some artificial trees just beside the chambers. A fake small bonsai size placed along the cash-chamber may add an attractive look.

high-tech security

When you are looking for a jewelry store décor, it becomes essential to provide a smart and chic, high-tech security system. But the system must be placed in such a way, that it would not bring any sort of indecency in the whole outlook. To avoid the boredom looks of peeping CCTV cameras and other video systems, get hold of sleek security monitoring systems built into the walls or corners and fake faux treesBoth the fake palm trees and the faux trees, being inherently fade resistant will not get discolored in any sort of climate, giving life in this commercial set-up.

Showcases must impress

When you have decorated the outlook of the jewelry store in an amazing way, you must be conscious about the showcases, where the jewelry is displayed from. Crystal-clear, highly transparent acrylic glass-made showcases are needed certainly, with LED lights, placed inside, for a perfect displaying situation.

Decorating The Outdoor Space

The tall artificial trees outdoor are the perfect décor items for decorating the outdoor of the store. The look from the outside can be made impressive with placing artificial tropical trees to deciduous trees, evergreen trees to pine trees, palm trees to ficus trees, bamboo to bonsai to decorative trees. You have tons of options to choose from with fake trees. Adding a green element for the outdoor decor gives the shop the posh look it so deserves bringing an amazing countenance to the outdoor of the store.

Outdoor Space

Illuminating The Outdoor Space

For an attractive outdoor set-up the outdoor track lights, outdoor pendants, outdoor ground lighting, and outdoor transformers are some luxurious options. Placing such lights on the outdoor set up can bring a  bright look indeed.

More power to the colors

Having a trendy jewelry store that looks a little different than the rest can add to sales. Use more colors with a side of neutrals for the walls. You can have trendy artsy photo collages of jewelry hung on the walls would do just the job. 

Decorating the jewelry shop becomes incredible when you introduce a basic philosophy of dialectics in it. The aristocracy of the jewelry in one hand and the nature-flavored décor in the other, it flourishes the dialectics between the ‘content’ and the ‘form’. This contrast or antagonism between the content ‘jewelry’ and the form ‘décor’ develop the art and aesthetics of the store as a whole, rejecting the older ideas of decorating the shop with elite and posh elements. Jewelry, being glamorous itself brings the luxurious outlook, while the natural greenish décor introduces the style and uniqueness and the contrast thus formed, draws the adjective ‘fabulous’!  

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