Dos & Don’ts of Wearing a Bra (The Best Tips You Need to Know)

February 25, 2019

A professional bra fitter will tell you why this article is important. You can’t make the same mistakes of wearing a bra the wrong way ever again! Lingerie of any kind is special and delicate.

When you’re buying a new bra, there’s a lot you need to educate yourself about. And just to be sure that what you’re wearing is perfect. I want to make your bra wearing experience completely flawless and comfortable.

Scroll down to read the essential dos & don’ts of wearing a bra. You’ll thank me for this!

Dos & Don’ts of Wearing a Bra

Make sure you never repeat these bra mistakes. Regardless of the type of bra you want or are wearing. Are you curious to know what could go wrong wearing a bra? If yes, this is what you need to read.

Don’ts of Wearing a Bra

#1 DON’T wear a white bra under dark colors

If you want to put on a bolder color, do not pair it up with a white bra. Especially when the top is slightly see-through and flimsy! A white bra stands out and can steal the show. This also applies to wear a dark colored bra with white or nude tops. (What about nude or black bras?)

#2 DON’T try on a bra on its tightest hook

According to FemaleFinest, when trying on new bras, never pick the tightest hook. This is because, as the bra wears out, it becomes slightly loose. So you need to make sure you can adjust its fit as you go along. Without having to throw them out for a tighter size.

#3 DON’T throw your bra into a dryer

Most bras are delicate and prone to expanding in heat. When you put them in a dryer, the material can become flimsy and worn out. And the band and straps less secure. Underwire bras can lose their shape and form with constant heat exposure.

#4 DON’T wear a bra with a raised underwire

Does the underwire sit above where it’s supposed to? If so, you will feel uncomfortable in the bra you’re wearing. This means you have to keep tugging the bra down against your skin all the time. Such a raised underwire can make the under-bust to spill out.

If this happens to you often, opt for a cup size bigger for a secure fit.

#5 DON’T wear a push up bra with everything

Most women pair all their outfits with a push up bra. Even if you’re wearing the correct size, a push-up bra is not the only bra to wear. Having said that, wearing a push-up bra for days can ruin it. That’s when it starts to look worn out and you have to replace your bra immediately.

So to prolong the shelf life of any bra, change to best-fitting bras every day.

#6 DON’T wear a bra that rides up your back

Do you have back fat or love handles to support from the back? If you think you can’t ever find your ideal size because of your body shape, you’re wrong. What you need is the best bra for back fat, shoulder pain.

A bra that rides up your back can cause even more pain and discomfort. Such bras stop blood circulation too. Have you ever felt the straps and back digging into your skin? Then consider opting for a support bra for full-figure to support your body type.

Dos of Wearing a Bra

#1 DO wear a bra to suit your breast shape

It’s very common to wear a wrong-fitted bra for your breast shape. Any bra fitting expert will tell you how important this step is to wear a bra. For example, a plunge bra is supportive of asymmetric breasts. But it doesn’t provide perfect coverage for bell-shaped breasts.

Out of all the dos & don’ts of wearing a bra, this is the commonest problem to fix.

#2 DO buy a strapless bra

Don’t be afraid to invest in a good strapless bra for fancy occasions. Going strapless can be a challenging task. But make sure you measure your proper bra size before buying. Consider buying a bandeau or a strapless push-up for extra support.

Many women wear stick-on padding underneath strapless bras to prevent slipping.

#3 DO wear best lift and support bra with a full-figure

Do you have sagging breasts or a fuller size? Both of these factors can raise many questions. For starters, you won’t get the perfect lift and support from a wireless bra. Especially when you want to enhance sagging breasts!

A best lift and side support bra can reduce back and shoulder pain. This is true for women with a full-figure. It takes the pressure off all your primary pressure points. Including your collarbones, upper-, and mid-back where the clasp sits.

#4 DO check the fit by sliding two fingers under the band

While wearing a bra, knowing your ideal size is not the only important thing. You need to perform a little fit testing of your own too. By sliding your two fingers under the band! If you can’t you need a tighter fit. And if there is still plenty of room for more fingers, consider going a size smaller.

First, make sure the band sits parallel to the floor under the bust. This is the correct placement of your band. Only then will you be able to check the fit correctly.

Key Takeaway

This article tells you what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it. You’ve probably heard that it’s surprisingly common to make blunders while wearing a bra. It’s time to correct them with this dos & don’t of wearing a bra.

About the author:

Laura Cooper likes to pen down her thoughts, opinions, and expert advice. In the form of comprehensive product recommendations, how-to articles, dos and don’ts, and lots more. Her whole idea is to create content that women around the world can find relevant. And Cooper has managed to achieve just that. Thanks to her unique sense of combining personal with professional.



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