Interesting Facts About AU in Auburn Alabama

March 1, 2019

Ever wonder about the mysterious different things that revolve around the famous Auburn University, aka AU? Well here are some interesting Auburn University facts that have tantalized people for years, and it is with the Southern hospitality that Alabama is full of that we provide this treasured information to you with.  If you want the full scoop, be sure to click to

Auburn’s Gold Eagle

A lot of people have contributed their thoughts that the mascot of Auburn university is the golden eagle because of how they use their greeting with the famous War Eagle. This is not the case however, because everyone in Auburn will happily tell you that Auburn is the home of the Tigers.

Auburn’s Tiger Colors

The official auburn university colors is actually orange and navy blue. If you chose to look at their mascot, you’ll notice this with the jersey that the Tiger represents.

What is the War Eagle?

War eagle is one of the most famous greetings in Auburn. This is often misconceived to be their mascot, but they use a War Eagle greeting, which is a battle cry of fellow alum and fans. This is not Aubie the Tiger, it’s just a greeting on how they represent each other and share their pride.

What is the Deal with Toilet Paper?

Auburn University actually has a famous crew that cleans up toilet paper. They’re the only university in the entire world that has a crew that is dedicated only to clean toilet paper (for when people vandalize properties with it).

Football is the Key

If you’ve ever seen the movie from the 90’s called Varsity Blues featuring James VanDerBeek and many others, you will know that this town is just as heartfelt about their football as the town in the movies was, except everything revolves around Auburn’s college (the town of course is not a Texas football based town, but the way people behave regarding this team is very similar). There are numerous things they do, including rolling oak trees over to Toomer’s Corner in a strange tradition.

Auburn’s Special Day

Auburn University has an actual dedicated day in which it is customary to say “Hey” to one another. This is one of the most prominent and lazy ways to say hi, but generally has a laid-back feel so that it’s never offensive. The university made this day and actually has a lot of fun with it.


As you can see, there are numerous traditions and different traditions that Auburn University has, which makes them very unique to their very own city. Some of these are outright strange, while others are actually silly and pretty simple, but a positive element that will let you know just for sure that you are in-fact walking into Auburn Tiger country. If you ever have the chance to visit Auburn, you can even visit the raptor center which is a good place from the university that you can learn something, because they even have live rehabilitations of birds of prey (such as hawks, raptors, etc.) which you can watch in person.

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