Planning A Family Reunion Road Trip

March 5, 2019

Family reunions are always magical events. It is when several generations of the same family get together to share an experience that will bring them even closer together. Most people believe that family reunions are static affairs and that everyone should stay at one single spot for the duration of the reunion. However, taking it on the road is almost always a much better idea. It is not as hard as it may seem on first glance and it is entirely manageable.

How to start

Getting everyone aboard is definitely the largest hurdle when it comes to organizing a road trip of any kind. You can think of it as organizing any other kind of event, like a wedding or house party. Consider sending invites of some kind, like postcards or emails. You might even want to create an online survey so that everyone can express their destination of preference. Once everyone’s on board, you can rent a private charter bus with a driver so that nobody’s going to feel left out. That way, the entire family will be together all the time and there will not be anyone having to be on driver duty for the duration of the road trip.

Create a budget

Organizing the finances is definitely a hard task. Not everyone has the same budget, which is why everything should be planned accordingly. Discussing your family’s budget is a must. Speak openly with everyone and let them know your thoughts and vice-versa. Consider going for the budget experience in some places, like going camping or actively searching for budget-friendly lodgings. There are a lot of tools online that can help you with finding attractions and accommodations, so do not forget to use the internet.

Be prepared for anything

Although, going on a road trip is an incredibly fun and bonding experience, anything might happen. Not that you should dwell on anything negative, but make sure to be as prepared as possible. From first-aid kits to emergency snacks, you should leave nothing to chance. That goes for packing as well. If you are chartering a bus, you will probably have a lot of space, in which case you should not neglect to carry anything you think important. Make sure to go over these tips, so that your road trip will be absolutely smooth.

Booking your trip

Planning and organizing an event for a very large group is a very demanding and difficult task. If you want to avoid all of that, then you might want to consider using a travel agent. They will get you up to speed on everything and they almost always find favorable offers. However, if you do plan on organizing solo, you should take note that organizers often end up hounding the rest of the family for booking money. That can be avoided by merely finding the accommodations and attractions and having everyone else pay their own share separately. That certainly reduces stress, but someone might get left out by mistake if they end up booking late.

Divide the responsibilities about food

Since you will be spending plenty of time on the road, you will need to take care of food responsibilities. Unless a single person is willing to be in charge all the time, everyone should pitch in. Sometimes that may include ordering food or cooking at certain times. Each segment of the family should have a different role in how food is being taken care of, and there should be no escaping that.

The last, but the most important thing on going on a road trip is to have fun. Spending time with your loved ones is a magical adventure all on its own, and make sure to enjoy every second of it.

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