How To Entertain The Kids On A Car Journey

March 18, 2020

Being stuck in a small space with your kids is not exactly a dream for a lot of people. Children are not known for their ability to sit still and be quiet, but when you are driving somewhere, you need to be able to prevent them from distracting the driver so that you can all be safe. So, once they are all strapped into their car seats, how can you make sure that they are entertained until you reach your destination? It might not be a problem for shorter trips, but you definitely need to know how to meet their needs during long road trips.

Prepare Music And Movies

Listening to music in the car is one of the best ways to keep everyone happy. It is something that you probably did when you were a kid and you do it now that you are old enough to be behind the wheel. If you are choosing road trip music, you can let the kids decide what they want to listen to. However, it is possible to pick music everyone will like, so it does not have to be five hours of Let It Go. Movies are a good option too, although they are more entertaining for those in the back seat. Headphones can prevent you from having to hear what the kids are watching.

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Play Games

Car games are a time-old tradition and there are so many different options for playing them. Traditional word games are easy for children of all ages to understand and they do not require any tools or equipment. You can also take travel games, such as board games. Another way to have fun is to have a car quiz, perhaps using some easy Disney trivia or covering any topic that your children are knowledgeable about. This might not be something that is so fun for younger children, but slightly older ones will enjoy showing off their knowledge.

Provide Snacks

While you might not like people eating in your car, it is a rule you often need to give up on when you have kids. Offering snacks and drinks will keep everyone quiet and prevent you from needing to stop every time someone is hungry (although it will not stop anyone needing to pee). Take travel-friendly snacks that are easy to eat on the move and will not cause too much mess in the car. Travel cups or bottles with straws can offer no-spill options for drinking in the car too.

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Stop Along The Way

Although, you might want to get to your destination as soon as possible, it makes sense to plan to stop along the way. If you plan to make some stops, it gives everyone time to stretch their legs and get a break from the car. There might even be some attractions on the way, which you could stop at and enjoy before you get back on the road. If nothing else, it is a good idea to stop for bathroom breaks and perhaps to eat.

Long car journeys with kids can be torture, but if you keep everyone entertained, you can make it with all car occupants in one piece.

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