Essential Things To Do Before Travelling

March 17, 2020

Everybody wants to be organized, especially when we are traveling. Packing is one of the most essential and difficult parts when you’re planning to travel somewhere. There are some that tend to stress themselves while packing and then tend to overpack. 

Some people tend to procrastinate when packing and inevitably forget things that are essential to the trip. These are some tips that would help you in packing your things and preparing you for the vacation you have always wanted. 

Making A List

This may sound a little dull to you, but this is an important thing to have when you’re planning for a trip. List everything that you have to bring. Time management is also key in this part. Avoid procrastination and make sure to bring all the things you might be needed on the trip.

There is an application on your phone called the Pomodoro Focus Timer or better known as Tomato timer. This will help you manage your time when you’re packing things and have a lot of work to do. Basically it gives you 25 minutes to work and then have another break. By doing this, you wouldn’t have to procrastinate while packing.

Packing The Clothes You’ll Wear On Top

If you know you’re where you’re going straight after getting off the plane and it would require you to change your outfit, it is important to put them last on your suitcase. By doing this, when you arrive, you won’t have to take all the things in your suitcase just to find the outfit you’re planning to wear and to avoid wrinkling your other clothes.

It only doesn’t apply to your clothes, but pack everything that is important to you on top. It’s obvious advice, but you might even forget the most obvious things when you’re excited about the trip.

Don’t Forget To Bring The First Aid Kit

We are not requiring you to bring a lot, but just a small bag with the required pills and medicine you might be needing on your trip. After all, you wouldn’t want to suffer a terrible headache, fever, or an upset stomach, and walk to the nearest drugstore, right? 

When you’re on vacation, you’ll probably be walking more than what you are used to, so blisters would be a common thing. So, make sure you have the proper remedy for such. It is better to be prepared on your trip. Remember to keep all important medications in your carry-on and not on your checked-in luggage. 

Always Check The Weather And Don’t Predict It

Depending on the country you’re going to, the weather might be your biggest enemy or your best friend. Although weather forecasts may not be hundred percent accurate, the good thing about it is you will have an idea of what to bring for your trip, and it would be best to pack accordingly and check it the day before you leave.

Roll Your Clothes, Don’t Fold Them

Rolling your clothes would take up less space than folding them, and they are less prone to wrinkles and fold creases. While it is true that folding your clothes keeps them neat, rolling your clothes can give you much more space for you to put in your suitcase. This technique works well for socks, shorts, synthetic fabrics.

Be Selective About Shoes Or Footwear

If you plan to pack light, only bring items that you can wear in more ways than the others and would match your outfits. This might be one of the most frustrating when you’re packing because you wouldn’t be able to bring a lot of shoes on your trip as it takes up so much space in your suitcase.

Know The Limits

Baggage allowance is different from airline to airline. Make sure that you are aware of the limits that the airlines are imposing. It is a good idea to invest in luggage scales and weigh your luggage on both legs of your trip.

Investing in a lightweight suitcase might not be a bad idea, after all. Don’t assume that purchasing the most luxurious designer suitcase will give you an exception to the limits. Take note that hardshell suitcases weigh more and would add as much as four kilos of weight even when it is empty.


Make sure to follow these tips as they would help you pack your things and give you the peace of mind when you’re sipping that glass of juice on the beach. Always remember to check everything on your suitcase and whether you have packed everything that you need for the trip.

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