How To Create A Versatile Wardrobe

March 12, 2019

Creating a versatile wardrobe means you can dress for every occasion and type of weather using different combinations of just a few items. You may not believe it, but only 20-30 high-quality pieces are enough to dress you for a whole year! It is often called a capsule wardrobe and, although it takes some planning and consideration initially, it will make your outfit choices a breeze and may even save you money. In addition, if you are planning a long vacation or heading off to college, a versatile wardrobe can save you a lot of space when it comes to packing. 

Every woman’s style is unique, but here are four starter tips for a versatile wardrobe, which will ensure you are ready for any occasion, whatever the weather:

Make a List of Potential Activities and Events

You cannot plan for the unexpected, but you can think very carefully about the activities you are most likely to get up to and the places you will be visiting. Big categories include work, formal events, social get-togethers, glamorous parties, sports and exercise, and casual everyday wear. For the everyday items,you might also want to separate summer and winter. 

Once you have your list, you need to work out roughly what you will need for each and how many times a week or a month they will be used. This planning will make it easier to see not only what you will need, but also how many pieces of each to get.

Work Out an Outfit Formula

Maybe start with a handful of outfits and work out what you will need for each; plan a work outfit, a casual outfit for summer, and a winter version. Write down all the individual pieces necessary. For example, the summer outfit might include jeans, tee, light jacket, and flat shoes while the winter may need jeans, tee, sweater, coat, and ankle boots. You can then start to consider how many options you want of each type. 

Remember, an essential factor in any capsule wardrobe is the quality of the items you choose. You will be getting a lot of use out of each piece, so they need to be able to maintain their condition. Visit for a range of quality and versatile clothing which will stand the test of time.

Choose Your Color Palette

This is an important stage in the planning process; you need to get a wardrobe of items which are as compatible as possible in terms of color. It does not mean only sticking to 1 or 2 colors, but consider a few shades, which work well together and probably avoid busy patterns that are hard to match up. Black is perfect for staple items, but tops, jackets, and, accessories are your opportunity to express your individuality. 

Choose Easy-care Items

Low-maintenance is a big priority in any versatile wardrobe. Your outfits will be working hard and will be used a lot, so you do not want delicate items which need special treatments like hand-washing or dry-cleaning. This is also where your color palette is vital, as you want to be able to wash as many items as possible together. Having that one bright white tee which needs washing separately is going to get annoying fast!

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