How to enhance your wedding décor with candles?

March 25, 2019

Stunning décor is the soul of Indian weddings. The whole setting is designed to adhere to the auspiciousness as well as the theme of the ceremonies. The venues are decked up with stunning flowers, installations, lights or crystals that sets the right mood for the ceremony.

The most popular trend that is being loved by everyone is the addition of lit candles that add romance to the ambience with its soothing charm. It’s a brilliant idea to illuminate the decor without going over the odds.

The most used type are votive candles, tealights and pillar candles, that add a dramatic flair to the fairy-tale setting of the venue. The sombreness of the candle-lit décor has the ability to emanate sheer warmth as well as mellowness to the ambience. The warm subdued lustre of the pleasing candles to make a long-standing impression on the minds of the guests. There are many wedding venues in Chattarpur that also have such walls specially designed to add candles to the décor. All you need to do is just get some captivating candles and try these interesting ideas to create a magical setting:

Candles in Hanging Mason Jars

Mason jars have hit the market in every way even in wedding décor online or in any store. All you can do is illuminate the plain translucent jars with votive candles and hang them at an outdoor event.

Decorative Mason Jars

The other way of using mason jars with candles by getting them painted, in multicolours and add the illuminating candles along the entrance or even the stage. These jars can also be placed at dining tables with beautiful centrepieces.

Round Goblet Holders

If you want a little sophistication in your décor then you can select delicate goblet glasses that can hold some votive candles and that can be tied with a string will beam out the class. The round glasses can be of any size. Such installations enlighten the whole décor setting and even add mystic ambience to the venue of your wedding.

Vintage lanterns

Lanterns are also one of the amazing ways to add candles to the décor. The best way to do it by adding them in the whole passage that leads to the main area with these whimsical lanterns. Their natural glare of the light will surely make you fall in love with the whole set. You can also add rose petals, tulips or marigolds around the lanterns that will make the whole arrangement look more aesthetically pleasing.

Candle-lit Chandeliers

Chandeliers are one of the most eye-catching parts of the wedding décor. These stunning glass chandeliers with candles will add glamour, making the venue look like a glamorous setting. Even some crystal strings can be added to make it look even more beautiful. When lightened up, all the crystals and the jars will sparkle together to add an auspicious festive feel to the occasion.

We hope, you got an idea of how to add candles to amp up the beauty of your wedding décor…

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