A Knowledgeable and Insightful Approach to Purchasing Gold Chains

May 31, 2018

Gold jewelry is purchased by people across the globe, which is not only an admirable and aesthetic ornament to wear on special occasions, but also as an investment to offer the best value on the return over time. There are various types of gold jewelry available as necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets, etc.

Most of the people want to own at least once golden necklace to be worn on special occasions. There are several options to buy these items online and offline. In fact, a gold necklace is a pricey possession, and there are many things to consider before making a purchase.

The primary considerations to make include whether the chain is pure gold, what karat rating it has, and what kind of links the necklace is made up of, etc. In this article, we will discuss some crucial characteristics of an ideal gold necklace one should consider before buying.

Check if the chain is solid or plated

On considering to buy a gold chain, the essential primary question to ask is whether you are planning to buy a solid chain or gold plated one. Some considerations to make are:

  • While deciding the purity of the gold chain you consider, remember that the purer the gold regarding higher karat value, it may be softer and less durable.
  • The purity of gold is decided based on the other metals mixed with it to add sturdiness as copper. There are various categories as 18 karat, 16, or 14 karat gold chains.
  • Gold plated chains are much cheaper when compared to solid ones, but there is a chance that the plating may wear off over time, and the underlying metal gets exposed. So, plated chains may have to be re-plated from time to time to restore the shine.
  • If you use the gold necklace so often, it is better to go for solid gold products than considering plated ones.
  • Some chains are made with hollow gold, and you can feel them much lighter than solid ones. Hollow chains also are much inexpensive but may break or dent easily. Once if they are broken it is almost impossible to get these repaired. So, you have to very careful while wearing hollow gold chains.
  • If you are planning to buy a chain for everyday use, it is ideal to go for more comfortable 14 karat or 10 karat gold chains, which may be much stronger. The higher models can be purchased for special use as 20K or 22K, which have a higher chance to get scratched.
  • If you are prone to metal allergies, then don’t consider ten karat gold ornaments, which may have a higher degree of nickel content. For everyday use the, it is ideal to consider 14K or 18K gold. Even when NY gold buyers purchase 14K, check if it consists of nickel if you have allergies.

Consider the link type

Another consideration to make while planning to buy a gold necklace is the type of link used, which will determine how likely it may break or kink. Say, for example, the flatter models like herringbone or omega chains are more turn to get twisted easily. Some other insights to considering the link type are:

  • Round snake chain is another problematic type of link. These model chains are more likely to get caught in the clothes and other materials and further twist. A kinked necklace may be so hard to repair.
  • The thickness of the links is another important consideration to make. This largely depends on your style preferences. If you are planning to add some charming add-on to your chain, make sure that the links are thick enough to bear its weight.
  • Two top choices for link types when buying a chain are the box chain and wheat chain. Both of these are sturdy as well as you can make use of these to hand a pendant also. These links are also highly flexible.
  • Alternate link choices are mariner chain, Figaro chain, curb chain, anchor chain, and rope chain, etc.

Checking the clasp

Ensure that the gold chain you purchase has a good clasp which closes well and also will not break that easily. Make the following considerations.

  • The lobster clasp is one of the best options to choose. This is solid enough not to open that easily even if you pull the chain hard.
  • Many of the gold chains come with ring clasp with a spring-loaded mechanism. These are much cheaper but tend to be thinner and less durable compared to the standards lobster clasps.

Checking the smoothness

Many overlooks one of the most important characteristics of a gold chain as the smoothness of its surface. Making sure that the chain surface is smooth enough is essential. More inputs to this aspect are:

  • If the surface is rough and you wear the chain for several hours, it will start irritating your skin.
  • While considering chains, try to smoothly run your finger over the chain surface to ensure that there are no jagged pieces.
  • It is also ideal to check if it catches on to your clothes.

The most popular models of chains

There are various types of chains which will work well for different personalities and tastes. It is imperative to know the specialties of these types and which one will be better for daily use, which will be better for special occasions etc. Let’s see further.

  • Ball chains have round metal beads that are becoming popular for men.
  • Box chains are another variety which has a square box-type links to be worn as women’s necklace. It can also be worn as pendants around the wrist.
  • Cable chain is one of the simplest models of the chain, which is typical everyday wear. It is so elegant and worn by both men and women.
  • Figaro is also a gender-neutral model of the chain, but fancier than the cable chains.
  • Mariner chain is a very popular variety for men. This is made with an alternating pattern of small round links over oval links.
  • Rope chains are more like a supporting chain, and the design resembles more like a real rope. These are won in combination with pedants.

A couple of other top choices are snake chain and Spiga chains etc. Whichever model you choose, it is essential to consider the design essentials to ensure you get the best product.

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