Ian Mausner: 5 Essential Things You Should Do Every Single Day If You Want To Live a Happy and Successful Life

April 25, 2022
Ian Mausner

Ian Mausner

5 Essential Things You Should Do Every Single Day If You Want To Live a Happy and Successful Life:

1. Be Grateful

If I had to choose only one word that would define happiness, it would forever be grateful explains Ian Mausner.  Every single day when you wake up, remind yourself of all the things in your life for which you are truly grateful. Appreciate what you have and do not take anything or anyone for granted! Today many people want more money, fame, bigger houses and faster cars… But the saddest part is that they forget to stop and smell the roses along their way.  Take some time at least once a day (it can be in the morning when everything’s quiet or before you go to bed) and think about what makes you happy; who’re your inspirations; what are you most thankful for; etc. Be grateful for all of your dreams and successes, however small they may be.

2. Do Something You Love 

Whatever it is that makes you happy, whether it’s painting, singing, cooking or dancing… make sure to do something every day that fulfills you and brings joy to your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best at what you do; never forget how good it feels when you do something just because YOU want to. We all have passions we’ve abandoned for one reason or another in our lives; stop making excuses and start living out your dreams! Take some time off work, leave school behind: let yourself live a little and once in a while don’t hesitate to do something that will help keep your passion alive. As the saying goes “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life?”

3. Listen to Music 

Music is one of the most powerful tools we have to change our moods. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Lana Del Ray’s songs explains Ian Mausner. They make me feel empowered and inspired… And this is exactly what music should do for us! Don’t just listen to whatever happens to be on the radio or that random cd playing on your television set: take some time out, look up those songs that always put a smile on your face and dance around as if nobody’s watching! It doesn’t matter what kind of music you enjoy listening to, as long as it inspires YOU.

4. Learn Something New 

It’s important to keep our minds sharp and expand our knowledge base by learning something new every single day. We’re lucky enough to live in the age of the internet; there are countless ways for us to learn new things! Take some time away from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media site you use (yes I know it can be hard) and start making tutorials on YouTube or read an interesting article about something you’ve always wanted to know more about… Start with Wikipedia! The more knowledge we have, the better equipped we’ll feel when dealing with life’s challenges. Treat yourself like a student even though you may already hold a degree! You’ll be surprised at how quickly this will change your perspective about the world around you.

5. Spend Some Time with Your Loved Ones

Ian Mausner says nothing can compare to those special people in your life… Whether it’s your parents, siblings, children or best friends, never forget how much they mean to you and take some time out for them as often as possible! When we’re busy working long hours at a job we don’t love, going to college or university and putting our lives on hold for others; there isn’t always enough time left to spend with those who really matter most. The greatest gift you can give yourself is happiness: put yourself first every now and then! Do things that make YOU happy because after all, nobody knows what you truly want from life better than yourself.


It’s great to have goals in life and to know what you want from it. However, don’t forget that if you always put yourself last; how will other people be able to recognize who you truly are? We all need time for ourselves: taking some time out and spending it doing things we love is the best way to start loving ourselves again!

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