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September 12, 2019

A good journey is what makes storytellers out of cynics. There is just something charming about roads that meander along aimlessly through the mountain, alleyways that taste of the magic, and mystique of historical towns and waves that lap slowly against golden sand as the sun sets quietly in the tangerine horizon. Traveling is what feeds our lust for wonder and joy, and, while a solo journey through beautiful lands, traversing mountains and swimming the sees alone, can be soul affirming and life changing, there is something about traveling with friends that cannot quite be summed up in a few words. A road trip with friends is not just about playlists full of good music and unlimited sugary treats. It is about catching up and reconnecting. Old friendships are reborn, new ones are strengthened, and romance often blooms in all its cherry blossom glory on such trips, with the mountains serving as a fantastic backdrop to the unfolding tale and the stereo giving it all a glorious background score.

But while the actual journey might go down in history as one of the few most memorable things that happened in your lives, it is the rigorous, tedious process of planning that actually makes a trip like that happen. While planning a road trip might not be fun, it can be rather easy and smooth going as long as you make lists, keep track of steps, plan well, and make your bookings early. Perhaps the most important and integral part of a road trip is the transportation. If the transportation goes wrong and everyone is uncomfortable, separated and uncoordinated from the beginning, it will not feel like much of a road trip, would it? One good way of ensuring that none of that happens is going for a charter bus rental.

Why rent a charter bus for your road trip?

The perks of renting a charter bus for your trip are many and varied. Some of them have been listed below:

There is nothing more comfortable. Charter buses are the luxurious mode of transportation that everyone needs in their lives, especially when they are traveling in big groups. All charter buses come with air conditioning, wi-fi, comfortable seats, and sometimes even power outlets. What more can one seriously need?

They are cheaper in the end. Booking a single charter bus instead of going for multiple cars for your group will mean that the transportation aspect does not burn too big a hole into your pockets, so you can spend the money on more important things like snacks.

There are several different options to choose from and each comes with perks of their own. The big coach buses have reclining seats, legroom for miles, luggage bays, and, often even toilets. They can easily fit around 50-60 people so they are perfect for when you are making longer journeys with big groups. The mini-coach buses can fit fewer numbers of people and does not have toilets. They are more suited to traveling with slightly smaller groups but for long periods of time. The party bus can fit you, your friends and all the spirit of the party that you can muster. Going on a beer tasting trip through Los Angeles breweries? The party bus is the way to go. The best part? Everyone can taste the goodness of the golden liquor without worrying about designated drivers because each of these buses comes with professional drivers who do the worrying for you. Other than these, there are school buses and simple minibuses. Each of these buses has been designed to suit your every need during a group trip.

Booking a coach bus instead of going for several cars reduces your carbon footprint on the environment. So, you can party but be environmentally conscious at the same time.

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