10 Best Android Apps while Travelling Abroad

March 27, 2019

Smartphones for travellers is a real form of blessing. Because it is safe and useful to have all necessary information handy when someone is on new lands with all new faces around; and a smartphone could help best in that aspect. Not only for security but also to find out the attractions of a city or tourist spot requires you to own and use a smartphone. There are plenty of smartphone apps now on all platforms that populate travel information. They just act as your best pal while you are travelling abroad, so here we are talking about the best Android apps while travelling abroad.

Travel List

Forgetting and leaving back important stuff isn’t something people do intentionally, it just happens. To reduce the risk of that not happening, download the Travel List app from Google Play Store. Make a list of what you need to carry and keep it visible as widgets on your cellphone home screen. The reminder feature will just remind you of any last minute packing you might have to do. The calendar feature takes reminders and alarms for various events. This app is only for iPhones.

Download here.

FlightTrack Pro

Never miss out a flight again. The app FlightTrack Pro provides real time feeds on where your flight is at now and where it is headed towards. 3000 airports and 1400 airlines are listed on the app’s database which is kind of huge! The map works like any other mapping apps, and it’s zoom-able. This app costs $9.99; it is definitely expensive but very useful. If you are always on the move, this is the app you need. read about things to do near me now

Download here.

Trip It

You can plan everything about your trip on Trip It. And every plan you made and saved on Trip It is visible at a glance like hotel reservations, car rentals, maps and directions to tourist attractions, flights to and from, and tickets etc. The plans on Trip It calendar could be synced with the smartphone calendar you have; or the social networks you are signed in. You can share your events and let people know on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Download here.


Everything about travelling is provided on Kayak. Even there’s a feature that compares travel sites on your smart device from over a list of hundreds of them. Other comparison features including flight comparison, accommodation comparison, best deals on car rentals, booking accommodation, flight status tracking etc. The app is available across all the smartphone platforms and comes for free.

Download here.

Google Maps

With Google Maps in your palm, you will never really get lost. If you visit a country and you don’t speak their language, you will have difficulties finding out your desired spots. But Google Maps just diminish the hassle by creating the best map app ever. Google Maps provides traffic updates, commuting routes; GPS guided navigation, and 360 degree street view etc. The app works fast and grabs data from GPS satellites at shortest possible convenience. It’s free and available on Android and iOS platforms.

Download here.


On top notch tourist places like the New York, or Paris, London, Rome, Berlin and other tourist attracting locations; you can pin locations on the CityMaps2Go app. The offline map feature comes handy if there’s no data plan purchased on your smartphone or you are out of internet connectivity. Reviews from natives and interests are available to help you decide better about visiting a place. Also, CityMaps2Go offers a neat subway map as well.

Download here.

Gate Guru

The app Gate Guru helps you with managing your gateway to entry or exit to a city; the airports. You can just manage your whole travel plan on this app. Airport Card access is provided on Gate Guru alongside the direction and address of closes airports. The app uses the GPS module to find out the closest airports to provide you the service. Not only airport locations but also food and amenity services at the airport could be found in Gate Guru. This app is free and available on Android, iOS and Windows.

Download here.

Seat Alerts

A lot of people aren’t comfortable travelling in the middle seats. If you prefer window or isle seats especially, then it is high time you got yourself this app. Seat Alerts will keep tracking the seats on your desired airliner and will notify you about the status. Once your desired seat is available it will issue an alert to notify you. Once you see an available seat call up the airliner and ask them to change the seat for you. The service requires money though; the single alert is free and $0.99 for each additional alerts.

Download here.


If you are in control and don’t want to get out of shape even when you are travelling, then WalkJogRun can find out the best running routes for you even when you are far abroad from your home. In the app’s database, there are nearly 1.6 million cities across the whole world. The app is made and optimized for best performance in your iPhone. If you are a beginner then WalkJogRun has various training plans for you as well.

Download here.

Google Translate

The app would have been more useful if it could translate voice in real time or at least lines from photos. However, if you can at least read out whatever it is written somewhere and input it on your smartphone, Google Translate will give you an output. If not perfectly accurate then at least something meaningful, you can figure out the rest. Currently there are 23 languages you can translate to.

Download here.


Having these apps installed and ready on your smartphone will only make the travelling experience far better. You can also keep best movie streaming sites like the new putlockers new site to keep entertain yourself while traveling. They are useful during your trip and if you know the usage, you will certainly remain a lot safer and tension free while travelling.

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