Casual Night Out Fashion

March 28, 2019

It is Friday night and you are ready to dance the night away with your girlfriends. The only problem is, you have no idea what to wear. That dilemma is most likely resolved after twenty outfit changes and hours spent stressing over the way you look, but it does not have to be like that. The solution is quite simple – casual, yet sexy and interesting outfits. Here are some casual outfit ideas, perfect for a girl’s night out:

Classic with a modern twist

Chances are, you already have a pair of perfectly fitting jeans and a basic button-down shirt in your closet that you most likely wear on an everyday basis, but how often do you think about adding some creative touches to this overworn outfit? Instead of wearing your staple shirt loose or tucked in all the way, opt for a chic French tuck for a more modern look. If you are feeling bold enough, another great idea would be to tie your shirt at the front and unbutton a few more buttons than usual. Choose a nice lace bra that barely peeks through the shirt, to add some more sexiness to your night out look, and then top the outfit off with some simple, minimalistic jewelry that is impactful, without being overpowering.

Casual elegance

One of the best night out outfit choices you could go for is a clean and simple look that radiates elegance. Choose a pair of wide high-waisted trousers that are as chic as they are comfortable and pair them with some fashionable heels that will truly make the outfit elegant and put-together. In order to avoid looking too formal, instead of a classic button-down, opt for a cute cropped top or a faith based shirt, then finish the whole look off with a statement necklace or earrings. Simply throw on a chic leather jacket, grab your favorite over the shoulder bag, and you are ready to dazzle everyone at the bar.

Chic couture moments

Sophisticated and highly fashionable, it is no wonder that midi skirts are such a fashion blogger favorite. Apart from being extremely comfortable, this type of skirt can be worn to almost any occasion, from casual to more formal events. If you do not feel like elevating the entire look with a dress shirt and a wide statement belt, there are many ways you could tone it down and make it more appropriate for a casual night out. For a simple, yet stylish look, pair this skirt with a basic T-shirt or a casual tank top. From leather slides and casual mules to fashionable sneakers, there are many shoe options you can complement your outfit with, but do not forget to top it all off with a stylish crossbody bag or an elegant clutch that will take the whole look to a new level.

Street style favorites

Street style fashion is probably the best place to find inspiration for a simple, yet put-together, modern outfit, which is a perfect option for a casual night out. Since street style is often dominated by neutral colors, the best place to start would be a pair of black skinny jeans and a striped black and white T-shirt. Tie your top at the front to give the outfit some more dimension, then throw on a staple biker jacket to make the look more party appropriate. To keep things casual, opt for a pair of black flats or even stark white sneakers, grab your favorite crossbody bag, and you are ready to go. Just do not forget to accessorize the look with some dainty jewelry, such as a simple watch and stacked minimalistic rings or necklaces.

Whichever outfit you choose, do not be afraid to get your creative juices flowing. Simply choose your favorite casual item of clothing, combine it in unexpected, experimental ways and something great will come out of it each time — you just have to trust your fashion instincts.

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