What should you take with you during a removal?

March 30, 2019

Are you packing everything into a stack of boxes and bags, cleaning the entire apartment? You need to plan your move accordingly! This is a serious logistics venture, especially when you are moving to a different city, selling your flat, or moving out of the family home away from the well-known family comforts. In such situations, you have to face the magnitude of items you have accumulated. Usually, we do not realize it, but we actually have a lot of items, although they are not all necessities. When moving, we often find, in our cabinets, things that we have long forgotten about. We are then faced with a dilemma: what to take with us, what to leave or give away – maybe it’s time to get rid of some things?

Are you planning a move and have no idea what to pack? Here is a short guide, that under the slogan of a well-organized move will help you out.

What to do before packing up?

First thing would be to remember to estimate how much time you need for each stage of the move. Even if you have only a few days left to move, take the time to plan and organize the transportation of your property. Just remember to pack well so that the move runs smoothly. In the beginning, specify the budget you want to spend on transporting furniture and other things you want to take with you when moving.

If your new home requires general clean-ups or repairs, plan for it before you move in. When planning a move, consider what distance you have to overcome and whether you are able to successfully carry things to the new flat on your own, or you will need to hire a removal company from Harrow or elsewhere. You can carry the furniture while moving just with one car or going back and forth, and doing several courses. However, it’ll take a lot of time. Large, heavy or fragile items, e.g. a grand piano or antiques, require a specialist’s help during the process. If you decide to give away or sell items of equipment that you do not want to take with you when moving, offer them to your friends, charity, or put them up on auctions.

How to prepare everything?

First of all, pack items that you use rarely, like books or seasonal clothing. Name or mark the boxes to know where everything is and make sure you fill in the additional space with newspaper, foil or foam to protect fragile items.. Just before leaving the apartment, pack your bedding, mattresses and collect towels that will be ready for immediate use in the new place. When considering your hand luggage, pack a kettle, pot, cutlery, tea, etc. to save time looking for the most necessary things.

Make a list

Packing and moving are very individual matters. There are minimalists who own little things and those who love to collect things. However, in both cases, the best idea before the move is to list the things you use at least once a week. This way, you will begin to eliminate some things that you simply do not use. Of course, this does not apply to all decorations, but certainly, those that are hidden somewhere in the closet. In our climate, you need a variety of outerwear and footwear, but it is worth looking through the wardrobe for each season and wonder if we really wore this coat last winter?

Accessories – we always have them, although we do not realize how much actually. It is worth reviewing them carefully so you do not take all the things that you don’t like or need anymore with you.

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