Five Unique Trips To Connect With The Earth

April 1, 2019

Everyone is always looking for some new, exciting journey to embark on. We want to connect with nature in new places and see sights we have never seen before. With all the turmoil and the way more densely populated parts of the world feel like they are declining, it is totally normal to want to visit areas that feel less influenced by human touch. 

While it is tempting to escape to popular spots like Cancun or Paris, it is also important to appreciate the world’s quieter destinations, especially before it is too late. Here are five places to visit and feel at one with nature:

1. Morocco

While Morocco is known for its amazing cities, there are plenty of beautiful lesser traveled destinations in this country that will take your breath away. 

A stretch of the Sahara lies within Moroccan borders and you can easily schedule some time for trekking in Morocco, whether by camelback rides or a caravan. These are the two best ways to get a glimpse of the vastness of the desert. 

There are also small coastal areas protected by international law, where the seaside beauty is breathtaking.

2. Australia

A significant portion of Australia is uninhabitable, but not “unvisitable”. Some areas have been left clean of human influence, although sadly big oil companies have polluted some coastal regions. 

One such area that is in danger of becoming a memory is the Great Australian Bight. For now, it remains a beautiful sight and, in the summer months, is the spot of a massive Right Whale migration. 

3. Peru

If you are hiking enthusiast, this is your dream trip. If you are not, it is well worth it to get into this hobby just to experience the beauty of Peru. 

You will be forced to disconnect from the modern world and simply enjoy the gorgeous landscapes and scenery in Peru. It is also home to Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world. That alone is worth the trip to this oft forgotten country. However, the locals and the food make the trip even better.

4. Croatia

Some parts of Croatia have become vastly popularized by the media — its coastal Southern city Dubrovnik is the site of King’s Landing in HBO’s Game of Thrones — but it is still largely untouched and surprisingly wallet friendly. 

Other big cities like Split offer lots of attractions, but the true gems of Croatia lie on the beaches and the crystal clear waters of the surrounding sea. Kayaking and sailing are a dream near this country, and there are tons of beautiful places farther inland, too. There are also many stunning villas in Split Croatia to stay in.

5. Namibia

If Africa intrigues you, but the Moroccan desert trek sounds like too much, the largely forgotten Namibia is a great place to go. With tons of breathtaking wildlife and sights, this African country is a fun way to feel like the last tourist in the world. 

Many of the cities have a distinctly German feel due to years of European colonization, but do not be fooled, as this beautiful country is a wonderful escape from the modern Western world. One of the most popular destinations is the Sossusvlei, a desert area of salt flats and tall dunes for climbing. There is no place like it! 

Take a Trip and See For Yourself

Even when things seem awful, the world has some truly stunning sights and experiences to offer. Any trip you take will offer new experiences and give you a new appreciation, but these unique trips give you a chance to see nature at its best. Consider visiting one of these places today and see the Earth in a whole new way.

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