The Safest Ways To Avoid Pregnancy

April 13, 2019

Women, who have that unique ability to carry another human being in their wombs, deserve not just a standing ovation, but also a lifetime achievement award for being phenomenal. They see pregnancy as an experience that is far beautiful and immensely transforming, carrying with it so much joy that their hearts cannot even contain. For some women, however, pregnancy is just a painful experience, and such thought will make them feel consumed by constant fear, discomfort, and self-pity.

They will suffer from anxiety on a different level, making them believe that they are physically, emotionally, and mentally unprepared to take care of themselves and another life that will make a grand entrance into the world. Pregnancy-unprepared women must read on as this article brings to light the better, if not the best, ways that will passably hinder their chances of conceiving.

Learning The Fertile Windows Of Time

Fertility awareness is a method, regarded as life’s natural womanhood way, that obliges women to be aware of their most fertile days when they can quickly get pregnant. The standard days, cervical mucus, basal body temperature, and symptothermal methods are based on fertility awareness that women must use to know the days during their menstrual cycle when they are most fertile, recognize the changes in their cervical mucus, and when their body’s normal temperature surges  as these are the times when they should avoid sexual intercourse.

Women, especially sexually active ones, are advised to be mindful of their fertility and fertility awareness is singled out as it is a natural method that is preferable for women’s libido as well as for their sexual intimacy. Fertility awareness method does not have a significant impact on women’s reproductive system and does not usher risks with women’s sexual and reproductive health. It is regarded as good healthcare as it respects women’s bodies and it is free, which means that they can say goodbye to those time-consuming and costly trips to the doctor or drugstores.

No To Deposit, Yes To Withdrawal

No woman should ever underestimate the power of a man’s small drop of semen as it carries with it more than enough sperm to fertilize an egg. The pull-out or withdrawal method is a popular method that is free and convenient with no side effects, but it is not as effective as the other methods of preventing pregnancy.

This method requires serious self-restraint and experience for men, and it also demands excellent timing for both men and women so that not a single sperm can reach an egg and fertilize it. It can only work if a man can immediately take his penis out of a woman’s vagina before ejaculating, which will then curtail the chances of nearly one hundred (100) million sperm of meeting the egg and making a baby.

Do Not Go For The Kill, Be On A Pill

Women, who are not up for the challenges of pregnancy, must take birth control pills as these will either keep their eggs from leaving their ovaries or make their cervical mucus thicker, hindering the sperm from proceeding to the eggs. Health care providers may recommend several different brands of birth control pills that is best for your health and sexual activities while reducing the likelihood of pregnancy.

Save Sex Instead of Safe Sex

Abstinence is the only method that can prevent women from getting pregnant and can save both sexes from having sexually transmitted infections or diseases. Although, many people may find it desperately tricky, it is by far the cheapest with no medical side effects compared with other pregnancy prevention methods.

There will not be any pregnancy if men and women abstain from vaginal sexual intercourse and, instead, practice other forms of sexual play like kissing, caressing, and engaging in oral or anal sex. Other benefits of abstinence that many have not considered are the fact that it allows individuals to develop their patience, cultivate their relationships and not only the sexual aspect of it, and removes the pressure of unwanted pregnancies.

Tip – Abstinence might not always be possible so if you do indulge in intercourse, ensure you get regular STD check ups done as your sexual health is very crucial. 


If you remain undecided about getting pregnant, becoming a mother, and raising a child, you must know the options to take for pregnancy prevention while still enjoying a satisfying sex life. You must learn how to avoid unintended pregnancy, which has now become a global problem. You must digest how to love yourself more and the beauty of womanhood, because sometime soon, motherhood may hit you head-on. One day, you will embrace it, but for now, you have to start evolving yourself into a better and stronger version of you. In the fullness of time, you will be ready to take on the world.

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