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April 18, 2019

Distractions can have a negative impact on both business or work, you can easily get yourself into a “professional rut”. While some days you can find it easy to brainstorm and come up with ideas, other days you can find yourself lacking in this department. When this happens, your ideas become bogged up in the mud, and you stop innovating. Do this for too long, and once loyal customers will give up and look for more innovative help elsewhere.

Naturally, you want to do all that you can to avoid that. If you are serious about avoiding this kind of failure, then here is one simple solution: start finding inspiration on social media. Social media is awash with amazing ways to keep us innovating and moving forward happily. You just need to know where to look for such answers.

So, if you want to start making a bit more progress with regards to how you get inspiration and stay on the track to success, read below. This will help you see one of the most effective powers that social media gives us: the chance to stay inspired.

Find awesome content with Quora

One of the best things we recommend that you do is head on over to Quora. This long-popular answering forum is one of the best places on the web to find interesting ideas for content and to start building consensus based on social answers.

Basically, you will see all manner of interesting content that you could write about purely by looking around Quora for topics on your industry. It gives you a good idea for things like building up interesting new FAQ articles and writing long read pieces. You don’t even need to read the answers if you already know the answer to the question, as well.

This allows you to easily populate your blog, website, and social media accounts with information that you know people actually care about in your industry. Tools such as Quora make it so easy for you to start tapping into this powerful and effective way of making yourself much more marketable than you were beforehand.

Quora might not always give you the brightest answers, but the questions themselves are worth exploring. Do this often enough, and you should find it pretty easy to start creating content that really stands out.

Social media interviews

One often undervalued way to make awesome content for your industry is to start using social media to get inspired by people, not just content. Look for interesting influencers and people in your industry who seem to gain a lot of traction and interest. Research from mobile signal boosters shows just how big these platforms are, and how they can be used for your own benefit.

If they seem to be a good fit for your business and overall company message, drop them a little line. Send them a message saying hello and that you love their work, and ask if they would like to do an interview. This allows you to easily create content based around an expert who knows the industry and will be able to really help you to build up some exposure and interest in your brand.

They will also likely share the interview, too. If they are already growing as a professional, you will find that this does you wonders for bring in more interest about your business. Serious about making the most of a social media interview? Then you should look to contact people in your niche who could give you audience a bit of new insight.

Simply finding influencers to speak to, interview and learn from is among the best ways to find inspiration on social media.

Visit Upworthy

While it might not work for every niche, Upworthy is a site more than worth your time. This interesting platform is full of content that you can share. Regularly updated all the time and improved with new content that would make a lot of social sense to link to, it could be a good way to find some inspiration for your own articles as well as to find new content to share with your audience.

Upworthy makes a fine choice to go and visit if you are looking to find some new inspiring messages and ideas. It also allows you to look at perspectives that you might not have looked too closely at yourself in the past, making it nice and easy for you to start making meaningful adjustments to how you do business.

If you are serious about giving your readers more value, then we recommend that you take a look at Upwrothy. It makes finding inspiration on social media a whole lot easier, and it will also go some way to making sure that you can easily explore some new avenues that your readers might find an interesting departure from the norm.

Browse trending news

Alongside tools like Google Trends, all social media platforms that offer trending features will be useful for creating popular content. Not every piece of content will be evergreen. Writing about something that might only be relevant for a few days can bring you in enough short-term traffic to create long-term readers and fans.

Simply head on over to any social media platform, as well as Google Trends, and take a look at the latest trending terms in your industry. This will make it nice and easy for you to start creating short-term content that plays on a popular message that suits your industry.

It might be tough to create content that you know has a shorter than expected timespan. However, this can easily be overcome if you are simply willing to do a bit of planning and preparation in a short space of time. If you don’t mind creating your content creation rate and adding a bit more to the site than you normally would, then you can easily make the most of trending latest news to really make a positive impact on all of your readers.

So, take a look at the positive trends of the internet today and you should have little to no problems in putting together informative content that’s inspired from the right sources.

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