Experts Reveal The Best Way To Travel With Electronic Cigarettes

April 25, 2019

Some experts believe that e-cigarettes aid in smoking cessation. While there is no science to prove that this is true, vaping is becoming extremely popular worldwide. Hundreds of people have already given up their cigarettes for the safer alternative, which is e-cigarettes. In the United Kingdom alone, there are a reported three million people who utilize vaping products, such as e-cigarettes. According to the U.S. government, in 2013 there was an estimated 2.6 percent of adults who utilized e-cigarettes. 

Many travelers who utilize e-cigarettes discover early on that vaping is restricted in some countries. This is why it is crucial to conduct thorough research on vaping restrictions in advance. Countries, such as Egypt, Argentina, Thailand, and Singapore, e-cigarettes and other vaping devices are banned. Travelers who are not aware of these restrictions have their vaping products confiscated as soon as they enter the country. Vapers who fail to abide by these laws will face hefty fines.

New Zealand and Australia, as well as some Scandinavian countries have adopted laws that restrict nicotine-based e-liquid use. E-cigarette laws in the United States vary from state to state. Learn more about newly released vaporizers visit

Obeying smoking laws will help reduce the risk of fines and confiscations. But, one thing is for sure it is crucial for travelers to obey smoking laws no matter which country they are visiting. Restaurants, motels, hospitals, and retail stores have already adopted smoking laws. In most cases, employees are required to go outside to a designated area to smoke and vape. However, there are some companies and government organizations that restrict smoking and vaping use. 

Travelers must also selectively choose what types of vaping hardware they want to take on their trip. Experts highly recommend a vaporizer with a removable battery pack and separate charger. When traveling to countries with no e-cigarette bans, it is crucial to pack enough e-liquid. While some countries permit the sale of these products, they may not be required to undergo safety testing.

Experts also insist that consumers need to be aware of the regulations when traveling abroad with e-cigarettes. In the past, it would have been fine to put these products pretty much anywhere. Now, this is no longer the case. The airlines are worried about the potential fire risks, which are created by some e-cig products and vaping devices. Therefore, it is now essential for consumers to place these products in their carry-on bags only. No e- cigarette batteries will be allowed in bags checked by the TSA. It is also recommended that consumers make sure that their device looks normal. Consumers should never travel with a vaping device, which resembles a weapon or explosive.

There have also been laws proposed to place a complete ban on taking vaping hardware on airplanes. At this point in time, the law has not gone into effect. In carry-on bags, consumers can carry three ounces or less of liquid or gel. These bottles can be stored in plastic bags. A single bag can be placed in a security bin. In the United Kingdom, e-cigarette utilization in the airports has been banned. Traveling with vaping products can be difficult and it is somewhat of a grey area. Nevertheless, most consumers will be able to pull it off as long as they follow the rules.

Consumers should always be cautious about no smoking signs. There are some that specifically include electronic smoking devices.

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