Five Strategies To Reach Your Goals That Really Work

April 25, 2019

There is a problem with goals. . .

And it is precisely the word. For many people, just thinking about having “goals” makes lots of ideas come to your mind related to the “unattainable,” the “fantasy” or the “surreal.”

When we say we have goals, it seems that these are easier or at least possible to fulfill than when we have goals.

However, as you can imagine, it is a matter of language. To put it in simple terms, we are going to say that the goals we have in life are those destinations we want to reach, where we will have achieved “Personal Self-Realization”.

The point is that despite the education that people can receive, many today still consider their goals impossible.

But the reality is that for the vast majority of them, they are not.

How then could we begin to create a reality in which these goals are contained, and that we also have a good level of happiness with these five strategies:

1. Define Your Goals Specifically, But. . .

. . .make sure they are perfectly aligned with your principles and values.

This is important because many people set goals and goals that simply do not fit with their lifestyle and in the end, they surrender easily (especially when said lifestyle is linked to their principles and values).

Think about how your goals can make you more than you already are, instead of changing into something you may not want to be. For example, a friend told me that he was afraid of being rich, because he could become greedy or inconsiderate with other people.

He himself was quite generous, so what I said was: “You can become rich and still be generous, in fact, you can be much more. Just make sure you include generosity in your daily life from now on, and after you are rich it will be a habit”.

2. Let Your Goal Be A Burning Desire

One of the main problems experienced by people who do not achieve their goals is that they do not want with enough strength, to succeed in life.

This is important because when people have a burning desire, nothing and no one can stop them.

But how to turn a dream into a burning desire? For in reality, it is simple: Convincing your subconscious mind in any way possible, that reaching your dream is possible.

You see, your subconscious mind is very doubtful, this is done to protect you from many things (such as distrusting strangers). But also doubt your abilities and abilities.

The idea then is to investigate, talk to people and in any way inform you about whether or not your dream is possible (in 99% of cases it is). Once you have more than convincing evidence about the possibilities of reaching that dream, your mind will begin to support you.

That is when, if it is a dream, it must become a life purpose. And start being part of your being.

3. Divide Each One of Your Goals in Steps or Small Goals

Everything you want to reach can be divided into small pieces.

For example, if you want to have an athletic body, you can divide that dream into things like: Go to the gym, eat healthy, drink more water, go to bed earlier to sleep a little more, make changes in lifestyle and create good habits, stop smoking and drinking alcohol, practice a sport that you like, etc.

Be that as it may, each one of those things is simpler and easier to achieve in the short or medium term.

And it also happens with all goals. Doing this will give you a strategic plan to direct your life toward success.

4. Propose Yourself to Fulfill Your Goals

This may seem obvious, but be careful that there is much more than what is seen on the surface.

To propose something to yourself is quite powerful like wonderful short dance quotes. The idea is that you make a deep commitment and from within. So, as we talk about setting a purpose based on a burning desire, this must change your everyday life.

In other words, your goals should not be just those unattainable things in your mind. They must be clear purposes and that you always remember.

For this, it is good that you create some type of poster or drawing in which you express clearly, without reservations, and without confusion what you want to achieve. If for example it is a car, then a photograph will be better (make sure it is a picture of the new car and not of the car being used by someone else, because you probably can not have it).

Place this poster in a part where you can see it every day. If possible change your wallpaper, make your mind all the time remembering that you have this dream and how great it would be to achieve it. Impress yourself with all the benefit you could be enjoying.

5. Act Taking Advantage of Your Willpower

Finally, the action.

In case you did not notice, in point 4, propose PRO-PONERTE, that is, give priority to the action.

However, the problem of most people who propose something is that soon after they are exhausted by not using their willpower and surrender easily.

What you must do is reward yourself for everything well done, and when you feel motivated to act, make changes in your lifestyle that allow you later and more easily to act without thinking about how difficult it can be.

For example, during the first week, change the time to get up and go to bed and start modifying your things to make it simple (for example, at night leave everything ready to prepare a coffee or tea, and that when you wake up be your reward).

A week after starting a lifestyle like this, it is likely that you will get a little tired, but you will have everything well organized to act despite the demotivation. This demotivation will also happen and will come periods of more productivity, desire, and power.

All this, little by little, step by step, will lead you to create the life you so desire.

A life in which your goals are not only possible, but are part of your reality.


If the objectives are very general (unspecific), ambiguous, or abstract, the probability of motivating to achieve them will decrease drastically. In this way, establishing specific goals consistent with the capacity of the person or organization increases the level of execution of people if we compare it with situations where the goals have been vaguely defined.

Thus, the more specific an objective is, the more effective it will be in motivating the performance of the appropriate behavior.

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