How to Prepare Your Future Husband for Your Wedding Day

April 25, 2019

Every girl dreams of a perfect wedding, with images dreamt up since early childhood. Traditionally, all of the planning will be on the bride, and they usually happily take the responsibility, but that doesn’t mean that you should be the only person working on it. Equal delegation of tasks is key to keeping a bride sane during the months leading to the wedding. But, if you prefer to take it all on yourself, you’ll still need to help your husband-to-be with one thing: fashion. Men often don’t think much about it, but you know very well that you want him to look perfect, so here’s some tips:

Don’t be pushy

The last thing you want for him is to feel like you are bossing him around and that he doesn’t get a say in what he’ll look like on his own wedding day. So, you’ll have to find a way to give constructive advice while still letting him speak his mind. It’s a delicate thing, but you don’t have to approach him as yet another task. You should see it as something that you two are tackling together to get the best possible result. Go with him to all of his fittings and suggest changes, complement him, give him all of the support that you would have liked to get when choosing your bridal gown and simply enjoy spending time together.

Get active together

If you want your fiancé to tone up before the big day, do not, under any circumstances, just throw it on him that he is “too fat to marry” or that you want him to look different in order to marry him. The only way to approach this is to suggest you both start doing something together. Whether it’s running in the morning or going to the gym a few times per week, looking at it like additional time you get to spend together rather than a chore one of you has to do before the wedding is the best way to approach it. You can also do something fun, like take salsa lessons to bring you even closer.

Go to his fittings

Every designer has a different way of styling clothes. Sometimes it has to do with the location and culture, for example, designers from London will make a three-piece, fitted thick suit, while a tailor that makes men’s suits in Sydney will create them out of a lighter material and offer a different style. Before you even go choosing the suit, you should first sit down together and agree on a look that you both like. Remember that his opinion matters more than yours here, but he will also take your wishes into consideration. When you decide on a look, go to his fittings to support him and suggest little details and changes. The more he trusts your judgment with clothing, the more susceptible he will be to advice.

Pick out matching accessories

When you’re completing both of your looks, find something that you both like and add it to both. Whether it’s the color of your shoes, your gloves matching his tie or a flower in your hair and in his suit pocket, you want to have something that is unique to both of you and that brings you together. It’s a wonderful thing to plan together and if you choose something that is meaningful to you – like a flower you both love or a color that means a lot to you both, it will be all the better.

Team up with the groomsmen

The groom usually has his own team of friends who are there to help and support him, and in traditional cases, they are the ones that will go with him to all the fittings and help him choose his clothes. This is why, if you have any special requests for your hubby’s look, you want to team up with them and get them to work their magic to push him towards that side. Of course, to them, he comes first, but you also wouldn’t want him being in clothing that he doesn’t want to wear.

Everyone knows that you will marry him and love him no matter what he looks like on that day. Still, you want to have the beautiful photographs in which everyone looks amazing.

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