Things To Do In Kauai: Five Interesting Kauai Activities

April 25, 2019

Kauai is a wonderful island that is bedecked with a lot of fascinating things to keep the body fit, the mind healthy, and the eye entertained. There are waterfalls, rivers, jungle vegetation, and more. The island is so rich that there is something fun for everyone, residents as well as tourists. There is, for instance, Turtle Cove for people who have a deep interest in observing sea creatures. Turtle Cove offers the opportunity for an encounter with many wonderful creatures including Hawaiian monk seals, whales, and turtles.   

The beautiful landscape makes boredom an impossibility in Kauai. So, what are the best things to do in Kauai as a pastime? Read on to find the most thrilling, fun, and entertaining pastimes in Kauai. 

Hiking Tours 

Hiking is at the top of the list of interesting Kauai activities. The island is naturally prepared for hiking tours with numerous hiking trails. Some of them include Kalepa Ridge Trail, Waipo’o Falls Trail, The Okolehao Ridge Trail, Ho’oip’i Falls Trail, The Kuiliau Ridge Trail, The Nounou Trail, and The Haha’ulepu. These hiking trails offer different hiking distances, complexity, and views of Kauai. 

You do not have to be an expert hiker or an athlete at all to enjoy hiking in Kauai. If you are not an expert hiker, there are plenty of easy hikes that will keep you safe while offering the fun you need. Not knowing the island very well is also not a barrier, because there are always expert guides to show you the way.

Waterfall Swim

Ever fantasized about immersing yourself in a waterfall while the water is rushing against your skin? Kauai is the place to make such a dream a reality. The island boasts of different waterfalls that you can comfortably swim in. One such waterfall is the Uluwehi Falls, which is a little off the Wailua River. Uluwehi is often referred to as Secret Falls. There are also some waterfalls available at Princeville Ranch up north. Interestingly, some of the waterfalls are safe for children to swim as well, which means that not only you can enjoy the breathtaking experience, your kids can enjoy it too. 


If you are one of those who likes trying something new, something extraordinary, then you have to try skydiving. Doing it on the island of Kauai is a more-than-thrilling experience. First, you will enjoy the pleasure of sailing quietly in the air until you land safely. While floating, you have the most complete aerial view of the island.  In addition, you can actually film the fantastic and rare experience while hanging from your parachute to keep the memory alive. 


More than any other place in Hawaii, Kauai boasts of many navigable rivers. So, kayaking is one of the Kauai adventures that allows a quick tour of the island, while also allowing you to better connect with the depth of its richness. There are many different kayaking routes to take. A tour can be taken through the Na Pali Coast to the Blue Lagoon, bursting into the Wailua River. There are also other kayaking routes such as the Huleia River from Nawiliwili Harbor and others. Individuals who are ready for more thrilling and more challenging adventure can go for seasonal kayaking which offers the option to experience the island by sea. Kayaking in Kauai, whether regular or seasonal, is an unforgettable adventure — something best experienced rather than told. 

Visiting Koke’e State Park

This is definitely for people looking for things to see in Kauai. This park is an expansion of Waimea Canyon State Park. Koke’e State Park makes it possible to have a holistic view of the Napali Coast and is reputed to be the only place where such a scenic view of the island is possible from land. On top of that, Koke’e hosts a Natural History Museum that covers different aspects of Kauai’s life and culture including wildlife, geology, weather, and botany. Visiting Koke’e Park is a good opportunity to feed your eyes while getting versed in the island’s history at the same time. 

These five activities are worthy pastimes for residents as well as visitors in Kauai. They are experiences that you will not forget and that you will want to relive once you have done them.

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