Examining The Best Winter Destinations On The Entire Planet

January 12, 2017

While some consumers actually prefer cold weather, most do not. In fact, a lot of people make it a habit to escape their hometown when winter arrives. By traveling during the winter, you will be able to escape the cold weather and the terrible road conditions that it brings. Of course, not all vacation destinations are equal. Which ones are the best during the winter? You will find out below:

Costa Rica

If you truly wish to leave the cold weather behind, you should jump on a plane and head to Costa Rica. During the month of December, this region starts its dry season. Whether you go for a hike or stroll through the city, you will remain totally comfortable thanks to the 70-degree temperatures that will accompany you. The landscapes and scenery found in Costa Rica are truly to die for! The region is also home to a very diverse collection of wildlife, including toucans, jaguars, and even monkeys.

Just make sure you avoid renting a vehicle at the airport. The majority of local rental companies charge excessive fees, so be sure to save your money.


Hawaii is full of amazing cities and attractions to explore. During the winter, nothing can beat the beautiful region of Kauai. While the region is an excellent tourist destination for singles, it is even better for couples. The island is incredibly romantic and is only home to two major highways. Therefore, the majority of areas will need to be traveled by foot. Road bikes make a great alternative and will allow you to see a great deal more during your journey. Generally, it is best to visit this area from the middle of August to the middle of December.

Take note that Kauai experiences a great deal of rain. Therefore, you will want to bring along a few extra sets of clothing.


Spain tends to be somewhat chilly during the winter. However, Barcelona is more mild than other nearby areas. If you are capable of tolerating temperatures ranging from the mid-40s to the 60s, you will absolutely love Barcelona. The winter is truly the best time to visit Barcelona. This is the case, because the area experiences fewer crowds during this time of the year. Therefore, you will not have to worry about brushing past other tourists every step of the way and your rental fees will be immensely lower.

To save even more, you should consider renting an apartment instead of a motel. Also, be sure to stay away during August! During this month, the area is simply overcrowded with locals.

Bora Bora

If you wish to leave your responsibilities and coats behind, you will want to consider planning a trip to Bora Bora. Just imagine immersing yourself in an exotic paradise with gorgeous landscapes and comfortable tropical weather. If this sounds like a dream come true, you owe it to yourself to venture to Bora Bora. Winter is an excellent time to visit Bora Bora, because the area is much less crowded during this time of the year. When planning your trip, be sure to bring along your own alcohol and lots of sunscreen!

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