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Pandemic Blues: Try Fly Fishing Costa Rica

Costa Rica
August 28, 2020
The nasty pandemic has hit our daily routines hard. And, it is no surprise that businesses have taken the brunt of it. You see shops, big or small, closing everywhere. And yet, for some reason, one business is not just resilient amidst the pandemic, but is in fact booming. I...

Why You Should Consider Costa Rica As A Great Dental Care Destination

Costa Rica
June 18, 2019
Costa Rica, Spanish for “rich coast", is known for its ecotourism, kind locals, and beautiful sights to see. Few tourist destinations offer all three! Recently it has become a country for cost-conscious Americans and Canadians seeking dental care, as Costa Rica’s two hospitals and numerous smaller, private clinics offer top-of-the-line...

Reasons Why You Will Adore Costa Rica

March 25, 2019
Have you considered taking a vacation in Costa Rica before? If not then it is a destination which I would urge you to put at the top of your travel list. I have just returned from an amazing two week vacation there and thanks to the guys at Costa Rica...

Two Getaways For Valentine’s Day

Granito De Oro Costa Rica
January 26, 2018
Valentine’s Day is coming up next month and those of you who are looking for inspiration for combining this romantic holiday with a nice getaway, then the following are two suggestions that will offer two completely different experiences. As Valentine’s Day is typically an adult holiday, this post is dedicated...

Three Tropical Destinations To Discover Before The End Of May

February 27, 2017
Traveling has never been easier in this day and age; unveiling a number of different ways to get that perfect travel experience, depending on the traveler’s needs. A good travel experience is something that is defined subjectively. Each person has their own set of criteria with regards to what constitutes...