Pandemic Blues: Try Fly Fishing Costa Rica

August 28, 2020

The nasty pandemic has hit our daily routines hard. And, it is no surprise that businesses have taken the brunt of it. You see shops, big or small, closing everywhere. And yet, for some reason, one business is not just resilient amidst the pandemic, but is in fact booming. I am, of course, talking about Fly Fishing Costa Rica.

Fly fishing has had its days in the spotlight with some films featuring the activity. There have been books, TV shows, and documentaries that feature it. These contributed to minor spikes of fame for the humble fly fishing. But never has it had a resurgence like it had in the past few months.

What Is Fly Fishing Costa Rica

A lot of people that have little to no knowledge about fishing just lumped all kinds of fishing together. As you would expect, that is an incorrect notion. Fly fishing makes use of, as its name suggests, flies. These are attached unto the end of the fishing rod’s string. The more common type of fishing that you may be familiar with is called spin fishing and is considered to be more traditional compared to fly fishing. Unlike spin fishing, which uses a real bait, flies are inedible — well to fish, at least.

The fly is central to every fly fisher or angler as they are more commonly called. These artificial baits are made to imitate the appearance of a fly. And by expertly handling the fishing rod, the fly can be made to act the part as well.

When out of the water, anglers can prepare for their next fly fishing session by making their flies in a process called fly-tying. Beginners usually skip this step and just buy ready-made flies. But, for those that have caught the fly fishing fever, fly-tying becomes an essential and fun part of the activity.

Fly fishing is by no means the only kind of fishing activity that has gotten a boost. A lot of states are reporting more and more people applying for, and being granted, fishing licenses. But, it may be fair to say that fly fishing has gotten more attention compared to others. The main reason for this is probably due to the simplicity of fly fishing, especially when compared to spin fishing. It is a good starting point for beginners and it is generally more fun for people who want to fish for leisure.

Why Fly Fishing Costa Rica

A lot of people are wondering why a lot of people are drawn to the activity. Well, for one, it gives them an excuse to go to the outdoors and breathe the fresh air. While fly fishing in itself is by no means a dull activity, people who try it for the first time did not really do it purposely. But it can be surprising how many of those who begin fly fishing can easily get hooked in a good way.

Fly fishing is not a very popular sport in comparison to most outdoor activities. People do not even realize that it is a sport and are surprised by how seriously people take it. Hopefully, things change for the better as it garners more interest in the coming years. It did get a bit of traction especially during the last ten years. However, outdoor activities like camping and hiking still take the lion’s share.

Compared to hiking, fly fishing is a relatively unknown activity. For every person who registered for a fly fishing activity, about nine had chosen to go hiking instead. It is just not popular enough though the trend is a bit more positive compared to the years that passed.

Getaway From Pandemia With Fly Fishing Costa Rica

The pandemic truly is a one of a kind experience for a lot of business owners and workers. The future seemed so bleak at its onset. The same can be said with the fly fishing business, as well as most activities. However, thanks to a lot of people looking for safer activities to do and a lot of internet mileage, fly fishing, did not only survive, but thrived in the most unlikely situation.

Despite the low turnout year by year, what the pandemic proved was that the popularity of fly fishing has always been peaking. But, people realizing that fly fishing might take a lot of time and effort, opted to delay the activity. And now they are suddenly left with a lot of time on their hands. They start reviewing the things that they always wanted to do. Then, lo and behold, fly fishing is one of them.

Another factor that affected the strong fly fishing interest might be the way the states slowly reopened. Limiting physical activity in the first few days of reopening presented an opportunity to explore other activities that would not go against city and state guidelines. Thankfully, fly fishing was considered to be an activity that may increase transmission given that there are usually only a few people at a time doing the activity. Not the mention that fly fishing is done on the outdoors which is far from the densely populated cities.

Social distancing, a practice that has been preached all throughout this pandemic is a normal practice in fly fishing. The long string that can accidentally hook someone, and the need for complete concentration means that anglers have always been practicing some form of distancing even before the onset of the pandemic. Even if anglers decide to fly fish together, they would still need to be apart from each other on spots.

Because fly fishing can only be done outdoors, a lot are drawn to the idea of doing something fun and productive while avoiding crowds as much as possible. Lakes and streams, in particular, are hotspots for anglers. And with the small start up price, almost everyone can try fly fishing. You can easily get hooked by the sport, not in a literal manner of course. So go ahead and try fly fishing now.

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