Three Tropical Destinations To Discover Before The End Of May

February 27, 2017

Traveling has never been easier in this day and age; unveiling a number of different ways to get that perfect travel experience, depending on the traveler’s needs. A good travel experience is something that is defined subjectively. Each person has their own set of criteria with regards to what constitutes the perfect travel experience. It will, of course, depend on your personal situation, as families, for example, tend to seek very different facilities than a solo traveler. However, there are three things that any perfect travel experience should have, regardless of what type of traveler you are: sustainable tourism factor, cultural wealth, and visuals you cannot shake off.

At the forefront of sustainable tourism is Costa Rica. Brimming with flora and fauna, it is one of the few places in the world where you can observe endangered wildlife in its natural habitat. In Costa Rica, the environment is their bread and butter and so the government protects it with special environmental laws that reduce the carbon footprint. It intends to be the first country to completely off-set its carbon dioxide emissions and has made huge improvements in harvesting clean energy from renewable resources. Here is a full list of reasons to visit Costa Rica and we have also found out that it is perfect for family vacations.

When we say cultural wealth, one of the destinations that pops to mind is Cuba, definitely. Lucky enough to have visited back in the day, I was so compelled by my experience that I couldn’t resist writing day to day entries on My Beautiful Adventures Cuba archive! Summarizing Cuba, it is a destination that oozes retro sexiness, raw authenticity, and stimuli for all the senses. The music, the dancing, the architecture, the vintage cars, the rum, the cigars, the list goes on and on. It exists today as it existed 50 years ago, genuine, nonchalant, not even trying to catch up from its vintage ways from another era. Time runs more slowly, more essentially in Cuba, and everywhere you look there is a sound or a sight or a scent that will draw your attention.

The world is full of incredible visuals, you just need to have the eye for them. But where would we find stunning visuals, that are simply impossible to forget? Seychelles is a top candidate for sure. Usually associated with over the top, opulent honeymoons and superfluous luxury that often detract from the true value of nature’s simplicity, so it could be that the more low key approach to Seychelles will actually reveal a lot more! Consider visiting Seychelles with a boutique cruiser; this way you will discover a different, striking visual with your breakfast each day.

The best part? You can discover these three amazing destinations with winter cruises now and until the end of May, as Costa Rica, Cuba, and Seychelles all enjoy dry, summer seasons!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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