Examining The Necessities To Take Along On Your Next Date

February 27, 2017

Are you currently awaiting an upcoming date? Congratulations! Your next big date could very well develop into something bigger and more personal. Therefore, you will want to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. Should something go wrong during the course of the date, you may lose out on the love of your life. So, what should you bring along to make sure that your date is absolutely perfect? You will find out below:

Bring Some Mouthwash Or Gum

Most couples will enjoy a delicious meal during their first date. A good meal will give you the ability to chat with your partner and get to know more about this individual. Of course, you should understand that the food may cause problems. Certain foods might get stuck in your teeth, while others could cause your breath to turn rancid. This is why it is a good idea to bring along some bubblegum or a small bottle of mouthwash. When your date is not looking, you should take a swig or toss a piece of gum in your mouth. This will help to ensure that your smile remains bright and shiny!


As a woman, you should realize that your lipstick can make a big difference in your appearance. Wearing the right color could make your lips look fuller. Just remember that you should avoid overcomplicating things. Instead, you should keep things simple and choose a lipstick that will actually keep your lips moisturized. Also, you should avoid being too dramatic with the color. Choose a neutral tint that will not attract too much attention. For safety’s sake, you should make sure to throw the lipstick in your purse and take it along. Drinking and eating could smear some of the makeup off. By bringing it along, you will be able to make sure everything is perfect for every stage of your date.


When it comes down to it, everyone loves the smell of perfume and cologne. During your date, there is a possibility that you will stumble across a smoky area. The smell from the cigarette and eliquid could potentially transfer to your clothing. Therefore, you will want to conceal the hideous odor with a good perfume. Head to the bathroom and give yourself a few sprays. This will eliminate the smoky smell, while making sure you smell great. Just remember to be very cautious about your perfume. Spraying too much may wind up giving your date a headache.

A Brush

You truly never know what is going to happen on your first date. Even if you check the weather before you leave home, there will still be a possibility that you will get rained on. Also, you may experience gusty wind, which could turn your hairdo into a terrible mess. With this in mind, you should consider bringing along a brush. A brush will give you the ability to quickly get your hair back into order. It is best to carry a smaller-sized brush, as this will make it easier to conceal. It is better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you stick a brush in your purse before leaving home.

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